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With each previous campaign creating cultural waves, for their 40th anniversary, instead of simply talking about themselves, Biti’s decided to reflect on what had been achieved over the last 40 years in Vietnam, with the aim of igniting thought-provoking and engaging conversations.

1.60 seconds is the same time it takes to take a physical step forward. With 1.60 seconds and 40 frames we explored 40 years of progress in Vietnam. From beauty standards, to urbanisation, to the spirit of unity.


With every single frame representing a specific advancement, we told 40 stories through the lens of 40 young Vietnamese artists, with 40 posters, 40 unique animations, 40 artist interviews and one playful flipbook.

Connected they paint a picture of both progress and Vietnam’s future.

To dive deeper into each story, and the artists’ interpretations, we created an interactive website where scrolling through frame-by-frame, you reveal engaging interviews, immersive content and BTS materials.

We then brought all of the artists together for a launch where we displayed their creations in a multimedia exhibition open to all, allowing people to get closer to the artists and their creations.


The response from people was overwhelming. The campaign immediately went viral, organically spread by the 40 diverse artists and spontaneously amplified by more than 60 KOLs and 60 online communities.

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