Dentsu South Africa


At dentsu, consumer intelligence is at the heart of everything we do to help brands win, keep, and grow their best customers across all marketing mix elements. With this at our core, we are making a significant investment in gaming research and tool integration to capture gaming’s explosive audience growth for our clients.

We are proud to announce the fusion of GWI gaming data with Consumer Connection System (CCS), our proprietary audience research study covering thousands of consumer attributes from demographics, psychographics, media behaviour and passion points. Our latest survey from 2020, now fused with 2022 gaming data serves as one of the industry’s most up to date and relevant audience understanding tools.

GWI is a leading market research company whose flagship study represents more than 2 billion people worldwide, capturing consumers behaviour. GWI’s gaming data reveals gamers in granular detail, and now with its full integration into CCS South Africa, we will enhance our efforts to create brand love through fandoms by helping game publishers and brands connect more authentically with consumers.

This rich new data sheds light on several aspects of the South African gaming industry:

  • Participation (times of day, interest level, frequency, session length)
  • Attitudes & Behaviours (behaviours, motivations, frustrations, attitudes towards women and gaming, and more)
  • Devices & Services (console brands, PC/ laptop brands, additional devices, gaming services)
  • Genres & Franchises (genres and games, games by device, casino games)
  • Purchases (monthly expenses on games, accessories, and in-game purchases)
  • eSports (interest level, watching frequency, leagues, events, teams, attitudes, devices/channels used to watch)
  • Betting & Gambling (respondents 21+: interest level, frequency, attitudes, types of betting/gambling)

This data fusion enables dentsu to create custom audience segments, helping to identify the most client-relevant opportunities across South Africa in gaming and esports.

For more information on the CCS and GWI Gaming fusion, please contact Megan Sayle, Carat SA & SSA’s Senior Strategy Partner alternatively, read more about dentsu Gaming here.