Dentsu Aegis Network partners with Integral Ad Science with a plan to measure every impression

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A new partnership will allow Dentsu Aegis Network to shift from reporting on viewable impressions to delivering optimum exposure time by client. Whilst the focus on buying viewable impressions has been an important first step for the industry, exposure time provides a deeper understanding of campaign performance and consumer engagement. 

Australia’s largest integrated marketing and communications Group, Dentsu Aegis Network has partnered with Integral Ad Science (IAS) in a long term deal that will enable Dentsu Aegis and its agencies to address the challenge of viewability, ad fraud, brand safety and a host of other metrics such as ad clutter and exposure time, to the ultimate benefit of its clients.

The deal will cover all Dentsu Aegis brands in Australia and New Zealand, including Carat, Vizeum, Dentsu Mitchell, iProspect, Columbus, Amnet and Amplifi.

Erica Kokiw, Head of Digital at Amplifi, Dentsu Aegis Network’s strategic media investment and partnerships arm said, “While the industry is focusing a lot on viewability right now, it's important to remember that viewability is just one part of the media quality equation. We want a holistic media quality solution for our clients that can help us address current challenges but also set us up to address future opportunities, such as buying media based on effective exposure.”

While maximising viewability and minimising fraud is a major focus for the Dentsu Aegis team, tracking brand safety is also hugely important. “Chasing viewable impressions without putting brand safety solutions in place is very risky even when dealing with premium publishers. The most important asset our clients have is their brand and we are going to ensure we protect our clients’ brands as we seek to improve viewability in their campaigns,” said Erica.

James Diamond, IAS’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, said the partnership with Dentsu reflects a new approach from Australian agencies. “Most agencies are still only measuring a portion of their campaigns which limits the data collected and the insights that can be captured. Dentsu Aegis on the other hand, is going to deploy our measurement technology across every possible impression, ensuring that viewability, brand safety and fraud are measured consistently.”

James also said the Dentsu Aegis team has an eye on the future. “By highlighting now their intention to move towards exposure time measurement, the Dentsu Aegis team is taking a real leadership position in the industry. It’s great to see an agency planning for trends that are still a few years out and I believe their clients will really benefit from that level of foresight over the next few years. They are collecting data now that is going to give them options and insights as they negotiate trading agreements on behalf of their clients in the future. We are really excited to be partnering with them on this journey.”

The rollout of IAS technology for Dentsu Aegis starts next week, with all campaigns due to be tracked for media quality by the end of October.