Posterscope drives programmatic Out of Home innovation with global first campaign for Patties

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In a global first, Posterscope together with Dentsu Aegis sister agencies Dentsu Mitchell and Amnet has launched a new campaign for iconic Australian FMCG brand, Patties Foods, using Digital Out of Home (DOOH) programmatic technology available through Val Morgan Outdoor’s (VMO) Shop network – a path to purchase digital outdoor network within retail environments. 

The campaign employs the programmatic technology of VMO’s exclusive real-time audience measurement system, DART (Digital Outdoor Audiences in Real Time), combined with its proprietary ad serving network PULSE, to achieve customisable DOOH creative in real-time in a one-to-many environment.

This campaign represents the biggest step taken toward a DOOH programmatic trading model in an environment and format with broad reach and supports the launch of Patties’ 50th year celebration campaigns, ’$50k in 50 Days’ and ‘Pie Days’.

Patties recognised the value of the automated and optimised approach to DOOH, and its inherent potential to minimise advertising wastage by paying only for the audience targeted in the path to purchase environment.  

To execute the campaign, Posterscope and Amnet used ‘DART’ analytics to create a private marketplace allowing the trading of inventory based on a programmatic guarantee model. This offers clients the opportunity to trade programmatically for the first time in a one-to-many advertising environment. 

The private market place provides broad coverage across key environments with the potential to reach a unique audience of up to 11.9 million Australian’s across 16+ demographics weekly on the VMO Shop network. 

Patties is the first brand to take advantage of the market-first model collaboratively created by VMO for the Posterscope, Dentsu Mitchel and Amnet team. The campaign is likely to pave the way for other clients looking to adopt similar trading methods to deliver greater efficiencies and less campaign wastage. 

Adrian Venditti, Group Agency Director at Posterscope said the campaign represents a significant development in the DOOH space.

 “This campaign is exciting for us, representing a huge advancement in programmatic Out of Home and a truly targeted and relevant advertising experience for the client and the consumer. It’s great to work with brands like Patties who are willing to utilise new technologies in Out of Home and we’re confident they’ll reap the benefits of pioneering this approach,” Venditti said. 

“For Posterscope, this campaign will form a stepping stone toward the application of this technology in other environments. The use of audience data to ensure we are delivering our clients’ messages dynamically in real-time is a huge step for the industry, in helping define what is currently possible and realistic in the programmatic OOH space”. 

Speaking of the campaign, Stuart Smyth, General Manager – Marketing and Innovation of Patties Foods said, “We’re excited to be the first to market with this technology and are confident in the benefit to be had from taking a much more targeted advertising approach. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing a greater adoption of this model in the near future and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this technology thanks to Posterscope,” Smyth said.

Matthew Bushby, Director Digital and Innovation at VMO added, “VMO’s programmatic approach will provide a targeted campaign like no other achieved in Out of Home. Our rigorous and tested proof of concept coupled with our advanced technology and methodologies gives us confidence that we have taken a massive leap forward in delivering the future of Digital Out of Home campaigns.”

The Patties campaign launched this week and will run between September 2016 and February 2017