Over the past 5 years, we’ve delivered consistent year on year improvements for ahm through ongoing optimisation, test & learn approaches, and a forward-focussed approach to strategy. But in a search market landscape that’s seen 100% YoY increases in the number of competing brands at Google, coupled with a stagnating category offering only 1% increases in generic private health insurance (PHI) queries, we needed to go above and beyond to drive continued commercial excellence.


ahm challenged us to deliver a 10% increase in joins for the financial year. We leveraged Search Ads 360’s artificial intelligence in our implementation of a single bid strategy across the majority of our account to determine the true relationship between Brand and Generic Keywords and optimise in real time depending on where the query represented a unique touchpoint in the individual customer’s position in the path to purchase.


  • Increased YoY join volume by 21%
  • Attribute 6% lift in conversions driven from generic terms