Merkle partners with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) to build a Salesforce based B2B eCommerce platform that revolutionises the customer experience and delivers hyper-personalisation at scale.

As one of the largest bottlers within the Coca Cola system, CEPP offers one of the largest and most diverse portfolios of beverages in Australia. CCEP’s B2B ecommerce platform is one of the largest in Australia, servicing thousands of Australian businesses every day. As a distributor of the world’s most popular drinks, their network of avid stockists ensures that you’re never more than five minutes away from a Coca-Cola beverage.


Over 30% of CCEP’s orders are fulfilled through myCCA, a B2B eCommerce platform. myCAA has been supporting CCEP customers for a number of years, but the business decided that the time was right to replatform in line with their investment in Salesforce technology. 

CCEP wanted to take advantage of this re-platforming project to reinvent its approach to eCommerce and Customer Service. As a business that is ‘customer obsessed ' It was key that the new platform delivered: 

Customer-first experience - Putting the customer at the heart of the design of the platform and creating a truly intuitive experience in both eCommerce and Customer Service.

Best of breed - Leveraging the best technology, design, tools and systems integration available in the market.  

360 view of customer - Internal customer-facing teams need to have complete visibility of customer information, breaking down silos and simplifying customer interactions. 

Hyper personalisation - Ensuring that every customer interaction feels unique, and that marketing and business content, promotions and offers are tailored to the customer. 

Access anywhere and anytime - On desktop and mobile, with 24/7 availability.

Integrated into back end systems - Working seamlessly with logistics, invoicing and finance. 

Add additional business value - Increase sales, increase product lines per customer, help the business to sell more intelligently in the future.

“We wanted to embark on a re-platforming project that was going to deliver additional value over and above just maintaining the core.  So it was critical for us to embark on a customer-led design process, resulting in our platform meeting the needs of our end users rather than our end users fitting into our technology.” - Jane Lough - Digital Project Manager CCEP eCommerce Team

After a thorough review of the market, CCEP selected Merkle as their implementation partner. Merkle worked with the project team at CCEP to create an agile implementation strategy that brought together a number of technology providers as well as UX Design.  

The customer-facing portal was built on Salesforce B2B Commerce, with many 3rd party integration tools enabling critical data to flow in and out of the platform as required. 

Due to the commercial importance of the platform, CCEP was keen to deliver this project as soon as possible, so a delivery timeframe of 18 months was set. To meet this goal and deliver a robust and seamless B2B eCommerce platform, Merkle was able to scale a significant development team to deliver. 


Personalised Product Recommendations

myCCA has greatly increased the experience of the customer when placing an order.  It automatically displays the customer’s frequently ordered items and makes personalised recommendations with the knowledge of products that are selling well for similar customers.  

Customers are also able to view highly personalised marketing and business content and relevant promotions that are prominently displayed throughout the ordering journey.

Customer Service 360 View

The Customer Service team has a 360 view of customer data, meaning that they can respond to customer queries effectively and within Salesforce. This has reduced the number of systems that a service agent needed to access and greatly increased the overall customer experience. 


CCEP customers have dedicated delivery windows and depending on the time of year there are also minimum order quantities for products to be delivered. Using a IPaas platform to manage the flow of data, Merkle created a seamless link between myCCA and the delivery platform. 


The re-platforming of myCCA has led to: 

  • Decrease in page load times by 27%
  • Number of products ordered from product recommendation prompt 3K per month
  • improved speed to order for our customers
  • delivering Android solution for our customers with Android devices
  • customers purchasing additional product lines and those product lines being repeat purchased. 
  • a platform that is loved by both CCEP customers and staff. One month after go-live NPS rose from 46.8 to 53.1

Speed & usability improvements

  • “quicker and easier to use”
  • “A lot more efficient than the older version.  More responsive when placing orders. more user friendly.”
  • Greatly improved customer service, as there are no more silos and CS teams have access to 360 view of the customer in real time. 

Specific pain points addressed

  • “The search function is much better than the previous version.”

“We could not be happier with the end product. It is the most robust platform and our customers absolutely love it. They’re seeing increased returns and the ROI for CCEP has been fantastic. So overall, the replatforming project has been incredibly successful.” - Jane Lough - Digital Project Manager CCEP eCommerce Team

Merkle is a performance marketing agency with a 32-year track record of helping the best brands in the world create personalised experiences at every stage of the customer life cycle. As experts in data and technology, the agency helps organisations to transform their end-to-end customer experience. The team have strong strategic partnerships with, Adobe and Google, allowing them to design, implement and manage the best customer experience solutions for clients.

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