CARAT China Launches 'SHESEES' Report

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CARAT China Launches‘SHESEES- 95 Women Insight and Media Consumption Trends', the report includes the following sections:

Culture: Reflecting on current cultural hot topics and trends

Data Insights: Focusing on the media behavior of our target audience

Persona: Personification of the content consumed

Takeout: Recommendations on content investment for brands

Insight Data Source: CULTURE PRISM

Research method: Accounts followed by consumers on social media platforms

Data Research Date: Aug 20th 2019 – Aug 20th 2020

Cities covered: China Mainland and overseas users

Sample coverage: Data from real moms that have mentioned baby formula, baby formula brands and formula feeding (removing bots and commercial accounts manually)

Discussion volume of related topics: 370,4700

Sample size of participating natural persons: 124,990


Giver — She gives, she cares,she educates, she preoccupies

Differentiation in understanding education

“For most families, how to help an ordinary child live a fulfilled, valuable and happy life is the real question about education”

Before age 6: room for trial to explore new talents

Moms believe that every child is unique; that they have a special talent waiting to be discovered; that this talent can help the kids find their interests before going to school. Therefore, parents are very concerned about the “feelings” and “atmosphere” of their child. Whether their child likes it or not, are they willing to learn or not are the topics mostly mentioned on social media.

Meanwhile, today’s mothers are mor willing to look at early education from a long-term perspective. Whether it is beneficial to the kids’ intellectual development, the influence of home environment, cultivation of basic skills and other long-term education is more beneficial than short-term progress such as learning a new word. 

Manager-She manages, she plans,she invests, she consumes

Paying attention to the future

A sudden pandemic has increased everybody’s economic anxiety. The role of a wife - being the person in charge of the entire family’s spending administration, has a more direct sense of crisis when facing these changes.

In a future full of uncertainties, how to allocate the family’s expenses, how to manage the entire family’s wealth, how to increase family’s resistance to risk, have become a subject that requires careful study. Not only that, wives often carry the task of enhancing entire family’s happiness, which means they not only have to know “how to earn” but also “how to spend”, in order to lead the whole family to happiness.

About saving: 3 types of consumption concept today

By browsing videos about “parenting shopping” on bilibili we realized that “saving” is actually not a big concern for modern moms.

When modern moms buy, they care about “value”, whether it brings value to themselves, to the family, to their child. They would buy good that are high quality, that can save their time and is good value for money. 

Climber-She fights, she struggles,she climbs, she battles

Paying attention to problem solution

When mothers enter the workplace, they are no different than most people. They also look for results, standards, efficiency. However, it is common that “working moms” are treated differently, rather than treating them as ordinary workers. Which is why marketing campaigns often end up in cheering them up unnecessarily.

What mothers really seek are problem solutions that can help them save time and do the work, because we are all pragmatic at work and look for better ways.

Becoming a woman who has it all

We have noticed that before going back to work, mothers would do a lot of prep work. This includes self recovery, body shaping, also new perspectives and new values. This period of self-improvement is key for self-adjustment and also improvement of self-competitiveness.

Lover-She loves, she marries, she relates, she is equal

Breaking the ideal stereotype

When mothers enter marriage and have children, their role as a woman seems to be eclipsed. However, before choosing marriage, they choose a relationship.

Being a woman and a wife, a mother wants the same things as when she was a girlfriend. They also need to face conflicts with their partners, understanding each other, accepting themselves and their own needs. In marriage, they are also looking for the best way to maintain a relationship that is ideal but also realistic.

Today’s women have to balance self awareness and relationship

Relationship between previous generations was based on both men and women abiding by their respective roles, with men usually providing for financial and social status and women paying with their youth and beauty.

However, with the improvement of women’s education, the idea of progress, self-awareness, they have begun to re-assess their role and position in a relationship, and re-examine the current situation and social rules. On the way of constant self-discovery, they move forward as they stumble and get up. 

Player-She plays, she lets go,she enjoys, she hersel

What are the labels that describe me when I’m facing myself

Every woman, no matter how busy with family, work, or everything else, has a moment that belongs to herself, a time that is at her disposal. In these few minutes or hours, they completely forget about their role as a lover, a boss, a mom, and escapes into their own spiritual corner.

Interest map

Moms try to make the most of their free time to do new things - exercise, food gathering, self-treating…

From the CCS data, we observed that mothers have rich and diverse interests. In addition to being a mother, they are fashionistas, they love seeding and buying. Everyone has a wide range of hobbies. There are hoodies who love to visit web-famous restaurants, fitness lovers who work out hard, and also celebrity fans who follow dramas.

Through digital tools and technical analysis, along with first-party interviews and desktop research, we conducted a full scope research on moms with babies between 0-36 months. Today’s new moms are mostly post 90s or post 95s, who grew up being digital native, exposed to information overload, who are independent and self-opinionated. We have seen new ideas and new attitudes in them. dentsu will follow the steps of new consumers and act as a lens to deep dive into this new wave.

—— Spencer Chen, Researcher, Carat

What is “attention” apart from converting into purchase power? With the information overload that we are experiencing today, we realized that the content we browse is entertainment, tolerance, anxiety, reflection, and finally turning into a part of ourselves. This time’s research will dissect her attention using new tools and logics, and get to know her better from what she sees.

—— Lin Sen, Head of Culture, Carat