dentsu PR consulting won Philips Domestic Appliances' PR mandate

Published on:

Dentsu PR consulting has won the pitch for Philips Domestic Appliances’ annual PR mandate in China for 2022. 

Philips Domestic Appliances, inheriting 130 years’ brand history and spirit from the Dutch Royal Philips Company, has R&D and manufacturing facilities around the world. The brand has been committed to achieving sustainability goals, not only by ever-evolving innovation in technologies to bring consumers the highest quality and sustainable products and services, but also by continuously optimizing and upgrading the brand itself. 

To rejuvenate the brand image, dentsu PR consulting will help Philips Domestic Appliances to create an annual PR communication plan throughout 2022. By taking the initiative to establish a strong presence for Philips Domestic Appliances in the industry, while strengthening consumer awareness and impressions of the brand reputation and its products, Philips Domestic Appliances and dentsu PR consulting are dedicated to building a cornerstone for a sustainable brand.

Through deep insight into the domestic appliances industry and its target consumers, dentsu PR consulting provided a clear diagnosis of the brand, thereby consolidating a powerful and precise strategy for the brand’s overall public relations building and communications.

The 3D RM model initiated by dentsu PR consulting, as a proven brand reputation management tool with unique values, will be used in the communications to achieve a PDCA (Plan Do Check Action) closed-loop throughout online and offline dialogues with stakeholders. 3D RM model can work both as an offensive and defensive tool whether for business, brand, or product. Strategy and execution with precision is the core of 3D RM model which in turn impacts the contents generated by brand allies, while we use "dialogues" to drive word-of-mouth marketing and deliver business results as well as shareholder returns.

Speaking of the reason why dentsu PR consulting won the pitch, the client mentioned that, “Dentsu PR consulting’s distinctive communication strategy will help us to take initiatives in brand communications and bring us a refreshed brand that connect with people."