Dialogue with dentsu sHeroes #IWD2022

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#Dialogue with dentsu sHeroes #TO DIESRUPT OR TO BE DISRUPTED

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, dentsu China held a panel on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), one of our best practices, on March 7. Starting with an opening speech by Deric Wong, CEO of dentsu China, we had a dialogue with 8 excellent women in a diversity of age, nationality, culture and function, with Christine Liu, sHero Founder & Chairwoman, moderating the event.

They shared their stories and views on the following topics: 

  1. stories of women in the workplace;
  2. work-life balance;
  3. parenting, friendship, marriage;
  4. finding or keeping yourself within the multiple roles you have to play;
  5. embrace aging, disrupt aging, being;
  6. how to be motivated when facing barriers.

The inspiring dialogue generated great empathy offline and online. 

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#BreakTheBias #IWD2022