dentsu X launches 《Ahead. Ten thoughts to guide us in 2021》

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Recently,dentsu X global launches 《Ahead. Ten thoughts to guide us in 2021》

No forecasters could have predicted the most important events of 2020: COVID-19 and the reaction to the murder of George Floyd. And no crystal ball will predict 2021. At dentsu X, we understand success is not about predicting the unpredictable; it’s about being ready to ride the crest of the wave.

What really changes our fortunes is in large part down to how we perceive the shifting sands around us. What’s the opportunity at the heart of every threat? COVID-19 is an extraordinary exam­ple of how some people and businesses succeeded in radically transforming themselves and their fortunes. Whether it was peo­ple learning new skills, partnering up for home delivery, or running their first marathon, the deciding factor was simply this: they asked a question about how to do things differently.

With that, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of ahead. Annually, we will offer you ten thoughts, ten ways of think­ing to navigate transformation in the coming year. These thoughts are drawn from our partners at The Dentsu Institute, an interna­tional collective of minds across our network. All of us, across all segments of society, must unite in developing new ways of thinking for the road ahead.

Terrence Young, CEO of dentsu China Media service line said: To be successful in the new digital economy, it has never been more critical to have a deep and continuously evolving understanding of consumer behaviors, and where there is threat, there is always opportunity. A must-read for marketers, this first edition of the 'ahead' offers disruptive and strategic perspectives on navigating transformation in the coming year.

We hope this helps us get there. Together.

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