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Arla wanted to strengthen their position as a local brand that truly cares about their cows.

However, it’s not enough to just say that Arla is the “farmer’s own” dairy, consisting of farmers all over Sweden. Arla needed to show some proof. So how could they prove local relevance whilst increasing reach at the same time? The answer: a media strategy reflecting Arla’s local presence with kosläppet as the catalyst.

Kosläppet is an annual event in the springtime when the farmers release their cows to pasture. It is highly anticipated and an opportunity for the consumers to really experience - and even taste - what the “farmer’s own” dairy is all about.


In order to give even more people the opportunity to take part in a kosläpp, Carat used innovative media solutions in combination with broad reach media to create a comprehensive media campaign.

120 adverts in local dailies invited local residents in each town to the kosläpp nearest to them. A Facebook event invited a broad audience to take part in the first ever Facebook Live-broadcasted kosläpp. And through digital out of home Carat also took kosläppet all the way to the city centre on screens both above and below ground.

To wrap it up, once all the cows had been released, Carat created a TVC showing all the joyfully jumping cows with Arla wishing all Swedes a happy summer.


68% of all 18-64 year olds observed the campaign.

74% agreed with the claim ‘Arlas cares about their cows’ wellbeing.’

82% of those reached recognised that Arla was the brand behind the message.

6000+ watched the Facebook Live-broadcasted kosläpp - the live stream post reached 1.4M people organically.

The campaign earned a 4% social media engagement rate.

And, of course, over 170,000 people visited the kosläpp.


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