Dentsu Outlines Roadmap to Industry’s Most Comprehensive Web3 Center of Excellence

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Partners with Decrypt to launch first-of-its-kind, bespoke Web3 learning program for employees and clients around the world

New York, NY – November 3, 2022 – Dentsu International today announced the development of the industry’s most comprehensive Web3 Center of Excellence (CoE), bringing together respected experts from across dentsu group with leading partners at the cutting-edge of Web3 development and governance. In the first of a series of partnerships designed to put clients and employees at the forefront of Web3 opportunities, dentsu also announced a partnership with the leading voice in Web3, news and information publisher Decrypt Media, to accelerate Web3 understanding and expertise across the global dentsu network of agencies. Widely recognized as the authority in Web3 by industry leaders and trusted institutions, Decrypt’s mission is to demystify the decentralized web.

 “We know Web3 technology will have a profound impact over the long term. While there are certainly opportunities for brands today, we have been busy putting in the hard work to ensure that our clients and our people can build transformational Web3 experiences and business models that will stand the test of time, not just grab a headline today,” commented Jeff Greenspoon, President, Global Solutions, dentsu international. “Dentsu's Web3 Center of Excellence brings together best of breed expertise and technology from select partners and matches it with our own leading consultants to give clients the perfect launchpad.”

Dentsu’s Web3 CoE is underpinned by three strategic pillars:

Smart: insights and educational partnerships, such as that with Decrypt, giving clients and dentsu employees access to the latest thinking and audience research from which to build the most effective client solutions.

Creative: with dentsu’s horizontal creativity in mind, this is the chance for clients and dentsu teams to innovate, test ideas, experiment with hypotheses, and learn how evolving technologies and platforms could be used within integrated campaigns or future business models.

Responsible: enterprise-grade governance to ensure brand and consumer safety, the custody and protection of assets and IP, and the safeguarding of creator ownership, which will provide clients with lasting assurance that successful campaigns will not turn into long-term risks.

As part of the newly announced Decrypt relationship, dentsu will pilot an executive eLearning program providing global Web3 training for people working across the dentsu organization in media, creative, and CXM, as well as training opportunities for clients. The program will also include exclusive access to training and support for NFT and Metaverse strategy and execution.

“We are just beginning to see the impact of Web3 in mainstream enterprise,” said Alanna Roazzi-Laforet, CRO and Publisher of Decrypt Media, and founder and CEO of Decrypt Studios. “Together with partners like dentsu we will create new projects and opportunities in the space so our shared clients can seize the market opportunity.”

Beyond eLearning, the partnership also encompasses Decrypt’s media properties and Decrypt Studios production service offerings. Additionally, Decrypt and dentsu will collaborate on PubDAO, the decentralized newswire Decrypt co-launched with partners and advisors to reimagine ad-supported content syndication.

Find out more information about dentsu’s Web3 CoE.


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