Introducing Dentsu NXT Space at CES 2023

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A first-of-its-kind metaverse collaboration with dentsu, Microsoft, LinkedIn and HeadOffice.Space

Dentsu NXT Space, is a first-of-its-kind experience with dentsu, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and HeadOffice.Space, debuted at CES 2023. Brands can test, learn and explore opportunities presented by Web3, the metaverse, generative AI, XR, everyday web tools and more to rapidly realize business growth opportunities and prepare for what’s next.

Why did we create dentsu NXT Space?

With many brands and businesses still assessing how to take advantage of the huge opportunities presented by Web3, dentsu, Microsoft, LinkedIn and HeadOffice.Space have come together to showcase what can be achieved in critical business areas such as customer service, retail, and learning and development.  

By the Numbers

  • Top drivers for innovation today include enhancing customer experience (53%), driving revenue growth (53%), and developing new products and services (45%). (Source: Gartner)
  • 42% of U.S. Consumers would pay more for a product if they could experience it in an immersive way (Harris Poll Study).
  • The return on investment of retailers who provide virtual shopping environments has increased 450% (VentureBeat).

Why Dentsu NXT Space is different from other experiences available

With this first-of-its-kind collaboration with Microsoft, LinkedIn and, we are creating a coworking collaboration space in a virtual world to unleash creativity with specific areas focused on reinventing retail experiences, amplifying assistance, rapidly prototyping ideas, accelerating insights, immersive learning, the power of networking, and more. 

From co-creation in the metaverse to amplified assistance with AI-powered virtual humans, dentsu NXT Space unleashes creativity with brands and businesses through the power web3 technologies, the full suite of Microsoft 365 products, Microsoft AI-powered Text to speech and forthcoming Microsoft Designer capabilities, alongside our proprietary ShopNXT™ technologies, NXT Intelligence™ innovation platform. 

​Plus, for the first time in the dentsu NXT Space, visitors can login with LinkedIn, a professional community powered by more than 875 million members, to grow their networks, connect with their communities, and engage their audiences.  

The benefits to brands

Immersive Learning & Development 

Increase efficacy, empathy and engagement  

Our immersive learning and development experiences are designed to increase efficacy, empathy and engagement for new team members and employees. We help brands make accessible and engaging training experiences to power up new starter inductions, employee training and development, and gamified gatherings for a more inclusive and connected workforce.   

Virtual Test Labs 

Accelerate insights, reduce costs and increase monetization opportunities 

Our virtual test labs empower brands to create virtual experiences and digital twins to test and learn new products, marketing content, new stream media opportunities, retail innovations and more. Plus, rapidly prototype concepts, conduct consumer testing before committing to large physical activations reducing research and development costs, by up to 70% and increasing participation by over 300%. 

Virtual Showrooms & Amplified Assistance 

Reinventing retail and connected shopping experiences 

We work with brands to create new ways to educate, entertain and transact while driving registrations, in-store traffic, sampling, and sales via custom product launches, virtual explorations, and personalized shopping experiences integrated into a brand’s existing website, customer profiles, and loyalty programs.  

We amplify assistance with AI-Powered virtual brand ambassadors – custom designed based on your fans and brand’s personality with human-like interactions providing product advice, how-to's, and customer care anytime, anywhere 24/7.   

Additionally, dentsu and Merkle’s exclusive, ShopNXT suite of retail innovations Scan & Know, and UnboxIT, amplify assistance in-store and upon arrival for more personalized shopping experiences in the physical and digital world increasing loyalty, sales and customer joy. 

Connected Communities & Branded Experiences 

Build community, connections and create brand fandom 

Living where your community lives, moves, plays, and shops have never been more important for brands and fans in the physical and virtual world. We create immersive experiences that connect, inspire and create brand fandom around cultural moments that matter.  

 For example, the LinkedIn Lounge is a space where brands can connect through their professional LinkedIn identities to recruit, network, and engage with prospective buyers and customers. We also host events, educational sessions, and gamified gatherings to build community and connections.  

 The Dentsu NXT Space’s First-of-its-kind Features

Developing a space in the metaverse required the application of some unique technologies, brought together for the very first time by the teams at dentsu and Microsoft – first-of-its kind features in Dentsu NXT Space include:  

  • More Access for More People - No download, no app required, works across web, mobile and VR.
  • Tools For The Way You Work - Works with the full suite of Microsoft 365Text to speech and forthcoming Designer products alongside dentsu”s  our proprietary ShopNXT™ technologies, NXT Intelligence™ innovation platform.
  • LinkedIn Login - Visitors can login with LinkedIn, a professional community powered by more than 875 million members, to grow their networks, connect with their communities, and engage their audiences.  
  • AI-Powered Virtual Ambassador - The full experience will be guided by “Neva,” an AI-powered virtual human created in collaboration with Neva combines the power of Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman creator framework and Microsoft AI-powered Text to speech, a capability within Azure Cognitive Services, part of the Azure AI platform, that converts text to lifelike speech across 400 neural voices across 140 languages and variants.  
  • Your Brand Your Destination - Ability to create experiences that integrate into a brand’s existing e-commerce website, customer profiles, loyalty programs, and first-party data.  
  • Built for the Future - Built on Unreal Engine 5.1, the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool and features full-body 3D avatars with Ready Player Me Integration.

Hear from the Dentsu NXT Space collaborators: 

Val Vacante, VP Solutions and Innovation, dentsu: “We’ve seen a lot of activity around the metaverse, with some businesses jumping in simply to grab headlines rather than figure out how Web3 can really change perspective on existing business challenges. At dentsu we’d say it’s “near but not here” and that is exactly why we wanted to work with Microsoft to show the world how today’s business problems can be solved in the metaverse tomorrow. Whether it is overcoming the skills-gap by making accessible and engaging training programs, or building multi-channel customer loyalty solutions using NFTs, or mapping innovation explorations through our NXT Intelligence platform, the opportunities are truly endless!”  

Paul Veltman, Group VP, Growth & Enablement, dentsu: “Microsoft and dentsu have been partners for many years, working hard to push the boundaries of where technology, creativity and productivity meet brands and the customers we serve. When we come together though, we always want to do so with a clear focus – whatever we create must help our clients solve problems and stand-out, but it also has to drive tangible and sustainable growth. By developing this incredible new virtual space, we’re inviting clients, their people, and partners to discover, experiment and co-create. From connected e-commerce opportunities to engaging talent solutions and integrated CRM capabilities, we have an exciting new space to partner with you on your journey in the Metaverse.” 

“Through our work together, we’re helping our community of over 875 million members to log into the dentsu NXT Space with their professional identity to grow their networks, connect with their communities, and engage with their audiences,” said Charlie Cardona, Senior Agency Lead, LinkedIn. 

Simon Crownshaw, Managing Director, Media & Entertainment, Microsoft said, “The media and advertising industry continues to be transformed by digital technology, which now includes the metaverse. These transformations will continue to require that brands adapt their business models and strategies in real time to take advantage of new creative opportunities. As our collaboration with dentsu evolves, we’re continuing to elevate creativity with the power of the Microsoft Cloud, enabling the future of content creation and collaboration from anywhere in the world.”

Dentsu NXT Space on the Official Global Stage of Innovation   

Val Vacante, VP, Solutions Innovation will showcase our latest innovations across dentsu NXT SpaceShopNXT™ and NXT Intelligence™ dentsu’s award-winning products and innovation platforms during the CES sessions taking place Friday, January 6th at Venetian Expo, Level 4 Marcello 4404. 

Learn More about dentsu NXT Space 

The full dentsu NXT Space experience, will debut at CES, hosted by Val Vacante, VP Solutions Innovation, dentsu, Paul Veltman, Group VP Growth, tours of the experience can be booked HERE.