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Eurostar's ambition is to become Europe's most-loved travel experience and iProspect’s approach to delivering this business objective is by creating real connections with audiences.

Eurostar wants to send out the right message to the right people at the right time (easier said than done!) and so to develop these ‘real connections’ means truly understanding their audience. 


iProspect set out to prove that high quality, verified, second-party data has greater value to Eurostar’s sales activation campaigns than widely accessible third-party data. Since The Guardian held a huge data pool of high-quality, premium, affinity-based, socio-demographic audience data, the objective was to uncouple this data from inventory and make the audience segments addressable through other platforms.

The Guardian and iProspect's specialist programmatic team formed an exclusive media-first partnership. The idea set a new bar for programmatic targeting by providing the highest quality, scalable, current and transparent data sets on the market. The innovative proposition comprised two complementary data options: pre-defined and advanced custom audiences. 


60.8% post-click conversion rate

58.9% improved conversion rate through greater relevancy

13.2% overall increase in ROI by using second-party data through a key partner on the open exchange

"At Eurostar we love to challenge the way we do things. This partnership has enabled us to reconsider how we buy data for our 'always on' digital acquisition campaigns, offering us a far greater degree of transparency than has been possible before and our audience a more relevant message."
Lionel Benbassent, Former Head of Marketing, Brand & Product, Eurostar


Az iProspect egy globális, digitális fókuszú, end to end médiaügynökség. Az ügynökség az adat alapú performancia marketing és a művészi szintre emelt márkaépítés találkozásából született, amely több évtizedes tapasztalatra és digitális szakértelemre épül. Agilis és jövőbe mutató megoldásokkal az iProspect hozzájárul a világ legismertebb márkáinak, így a Sonos, Cox, Hendricks, Levi’s, Budweiser, Microsoft, Under Armour, LG, Hilton, valamint a Procter & Gamble növekedéséhez. Az iProspect globális ügynökségi hálózatában, 93 piacon több mint 8 000 márkaépítéssel foglalkozó szakértő és performance fókuszú specialista dolgozik.

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