BC&F Dentsu tell friends to shove it this summer

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The all impressive BC&F Dentsu ‘Brewery, Distillery and Designery’ has rolled out its next thoughtful Christmas gift to its friends and partners; Up Yours.

Nothing screams Summer like a cold beer and a BBQ, so Dentsu has combined the best of both worlds and encouraged recipients to get amoungst and shove a can of beer up a chickens ass.

Ah, summer feels.

BC&F Dentsu Up Yours

BC&F Dentsu commissioned The Occasional Brewer in Wellington with the unusual request to help craft a beer which while potentially drinkable, is more suited to flavouring a fowl’s fundament. The result was ‘Up Yours’, a lager flavoured with Lemon and Thyme which will add a subtle piquancy to any poulet’s posterior.

Managing director Murray Streets says, “With about 600 cans that needed hand-labelling, it certainly tested the Christmas spirit, but as always, it’s a fun way to share our capabilities, and say thanks, or in this case, up yours to our friends.”

BC&F Dentsu Up Yours 3

Last year the agency release ‘Post Truth Vodka’, which was no mere bottle of vodka. This was Post-Truth Vodka, complete with well written and amusing copy: “Like truth, distilling can be a tedious yet worthwhile process.”

BC&F Dentsu Post Truth Vodka

The limited-edition run of Up Yours will be distributed to friends and family of the agency so that no bird’s bunghole need miss out this summer.

BC&F Dentsu

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