Hell tempts the weak (all of us) in its latest campaign

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Hell’s Pizza and BC&F Dentsu have taken another stab at tempting us into a life of gluttony. This time taking aim at the most common, and easily broken resolution, by offering free dessert with every gym membership presented.

There is a weak link in our determination when it comes to getting that dream body, and that is dessert. Hell’s Pizza has used this psychological chink in our armour with a campaign for Satan’s Slider: their new ultra-decadent dessert.

“While we sympathise with people who have failed so quickly, we’ve been very happy to facilitate the demise of many short-lived fitness fanatics and hand over a great number of dessert burgers to those who have chosen sin for 2020. We’re yet to come across anyone who has regretted this decision,” says Hell marketing manager Siang Tay.

Hells Pizza OOH 2

The out of home campaign is enticing and makes the goal very clear: Gym membership = Free food. A terribly rude, delicious-looking deal to add to the shame of giving up your resolutions after two weeks.

Managing director of BC&F Dentsu Murray Streets says the campaign made the customer journey very clear, from determination to degustation.

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, so we thought we’d make it that bit easier for people to get there.”

BC&F Dentsu

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