CARAT Chats - Podcast

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Carat Chats is a podcast for those who are in the know, want to be in the know or don’t even know about the NZ Marketing industry. Hosted by Alex Lawson, General Manager of Carat NZ, we get stuck into all aspects of the industry, from agencies to clients, publishers to consumers, interview to debate.

Lend us your ears and let us take you into the fascinating, often fractious world of media, advertising and marketing!

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Carat is the world’s first media agency and is the largest media agency network in DAN. Having pioneered the sector Carat has been redefining the value that media delivers for clients’ business ever since. Carat has a strong heritage in consumer insight and strategy and has been named #1 agency in all qualitative measures for 10 out of the last 11 RECMA reports. Carat’s focus is continuing to pioneer in consumer insight and strategy, understanding and activating real people in media to drive performance for brands. 

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