Dentsu Creative and TVNZ warn of the perils of endless free streaming with the launch of TVNZ+

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In the recently launched campaign for TVNZ+, Dentsu Creative, and Sweetshop's Damien Shatford, have delivered an entertaining look at new streaming brand, TVNZ+.  

TVNZ launched the reimagined streaming brand last week to better reflect its digital offering, repositioning the platform as a streaming destination rather than an OnDemand catch-up service. 

"The work was built off a strategic proposition that encouraged Kiwis to "get their fix" of quality content on TVNZ+. We wanted to capitalize on the idea that bingeing fresh content puts you in good social standing and gives you something to talk about while also triggering this little dopamine hit, making us generally pretty happy. Our research also showed that the breadth and depth of the content meant that "hunting out what you'll watch next" was an equally exciting activity. So it was a no-brainer that we should celebrate Kiwis getting their binge on", says Stevie Weber, Executive Director, Strategy at Dentsu Creative. 

Jonathan Symons, Marketing Director at TVNZ said:  “We’re really thrilled to see this campaign roll out this week. Our research was often telling us that TVNZ OnDemand delivered much more than many people expected both content and experience-wise, so with a new TVNZ+ name and brand it was definitely time to deliver something different on the campaign front. And I think these ads deliver, with a fantastic mix of humour and unique Kiwi-ness”

Central to the campaign idea is the fact that the streaming experience on TVNZ+ is not only free, it’s so good it will engross you to the point of distraction, with unsuspecting TVNZ+ viewers' unwittingly ending up in situations they weren't expecting. All cemented in the campaign line, “It’s Free. But it Could Cost You”.

"This was a brilliant opportunity to delve into the world of content that the TVNZ+ platform delivers", says Anne Boothroyd, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Creative. "Damien has conjured up a mix of action, drama and romance that will have people reaching for their devices to experience it for themselves." 

The new campaign is featured across TV, Online, OOH, Radio, and Social channels from this week.