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Ghana Post was seen as an old and inefficient government institution, just for posting letters. It had lost trust with the people. As a result there was very low awareness of other services they provide and business was going to competition who were seen as more progressive and efficient.

Ghana Post needed to change this perception plus introduce their latest innovation the GhanaPostGPS, the National Digital Property Addressing System app. However, the idea of a digital addressing system was still novel in Ghana. People had become comfortable with the status quo and resigned themselves to giving directions using landmarks.

With Smartphone adoption at 27% and mobile internet penetration at 45% (Oct. 2017 GSM Association report) we needed to get this connected audience to accept GhanaPostGPS quickly and become the advocates to driving a new smart economy.


The strategy employed was disruptive to highlight the problem before driving awareness of the solution, educating for understanding, driving downloads and promoting usage through a 360 degree campaign.

Vizeum engineered conversations using three of the most popular morning show hosts on major media networks. Their task was to bring up the pain points of poor addressing in Ghana and the benefits of a robust and accurate addressing system.

The teaser campaign was a smart use of a kids game of tag locally known as “Jack, where are you?” Vizeum positioned cutouts of a character looking for ‘Jack’ at every major intersection in Accra and Kumasi and on TV at prime time, online, radio and in newspapers.

At the height of the buzz Vizeum launched GhanaPostGPS on Facebook Live and the next day rolled out the main campaign to create awareness, educate and drive downloads of the app. 


Over 170,000 downloads in first week.

#DigitalAddressSystem trended on week of launch.

Over 330,000 watched Facebook Live launch event.

No. 1 downloaded app 2 weeks after launch.

Over 350,000 downloads end campaign vs target of 300,000.

82% reach vs target of 80%.

3.8 million address searches through the app.

Increased revenue from 7 % to 20% end 2017.


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