Melinda Chen

General Manager, Amplifi Taiwan 

With over 25 years of industry experience, Melinda has played pivotal roles as Deputy General Manager and General Manager within the top three media agency groups in Taiwan. Her extensive expertise extends to serving international clients, as well as government and private sector clients. Notably, her performance excels in securing optimal investment returns. Since joining Amplifi Taiwan in 2018, she has been dedicated to fostering collaboration across the group's brands, enhancing our competitive edge, and developing new business opportunities in partnership with our allies, all aimed at achieving peak performance for our clientele.

Amplifi Taiwan, part of the dentsu Group, operates as a media buying and investment management hub. Leveraging Taiwan's leading media market share, Amplifi secures highly competitive pricing for our clients across major media platforms. Furthermore, Amplifi harnesses data-driven strategies and insights to continually uncover and generate new business prospects in the volatile market landscape. Through close collaboration with agencies, clients, and partners, Amplifi is committed to fulfilling a "Value for All" mission, ensuring mutual success and shared benefits.

GM of Amplifi Investment Management & Commercial