About your privacy rights of activities in the Website, the Website gives its absolute respect and protection. In order to help you understand how the Website collects, uses, and protects your personal information hereof, please read the following statement.

About the Coverage

This policy is established to maintain the credibility, availability and integrity of the information service and to comply with relevant legal requirements.

The following policy applies to the collection, use, and protection of your personal information while browsing the Website, excluding those in other websites hyperlinked from the Website. All other websites hyperlinked from the Website have their own privacy protection and information security policy, which are outside the Website¡¦s domain. Therefore, the Website does not bear any joint liability. When you browse at those websites, your personal information protection is covered merely by the privacy policy of those websites.

About the Collection and Use of Personal Information

1.For the mere browsing and downloading conducts hereof, the Website will not collect any personal identity information. Using the online services provided by the Website requiring personal information from the applicant, according to the application, the Website will require the user to provide your latest and most genuine personal information, such as name, telephone number, Email address, and contact address. For any wrong or untruthful information, the Website may rightfully reject the user’s use of services hereof.

2.The Website keeps the records of the user’s IP address, time of visit, and the web pages browsed herein. This information of records is contributed to the synthetic analysis of website traffic management and Internet behavior survey for the Website so that the quality of services hereof will be elevated. Furthermore, the Website conducts the synthetic analysis only to the behaviors of the overall users, not to the individuals.

3. The Website does not actively deliver any Emails, except the official Email replies. If by any chance one receives advertisements or spams claiming the false name of the Website, please understand that it is not controllable by the Website and no liability shall be thrust upon.

4.The personal information collected by the Website will be subject to the Personal Data Protection Act and the relevant laws and regulations. The Website will not provide the user¡¦s personal information by means of sale, exchange, or rental to other organizations, individuals, or private enterprises, except the conditions as follows: (1)Cooperating with the investigation of justice. (2)Cooperating with relevant governmental administrative officials in terms of investigation and uses subject to their duties. (3)Pursuant to the needs of legal purposes under good will or the needs of management in terms of maintenance and website services improvement.

About the Consultation and Remedy of Privacy Protection Policy

For any questions or opinions hereto, you are welcome to post a message to Contact US. If there is any violation of policy by any departments of Dentsu in the Website, please feel free to report to dentsu.TW.Legal@globalloc.com.

Privacy Amendments

Amendments to privacy policy may be instituted if necessary. Such changes will be announced on the website.