Jennifer Tang, the CEO of Dentsu Taiwan, received the Digital Transformation Leader Award

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Jennifer Tang, CEO of dentsu Marcom Group Taiwan, has been honored as " Digital Transformation Leader of the Year (Large Enterprise)" at the Dingge Awards, organized by the Global Traditional Chinese edition of Harvard Business Review (HBR). Jennifer Tang is the only female leader to receive this honor in this award category in 2023, with dentsu Group being the sole brand recognized and endorsed in the marketing communications industry.

With the rise of digital technology, Jennifer Tang recognized the unprecedented changes facing the marketing and communications industry. She firmly believed that only through integration, innovation, data, and technological support could the industry meet the evolving needs and challenges of customers. It was with this vision that she led dentsu on its transformation journey starting in 2017.

Over the past six years of transformation, Jennifer successfully evolved dentsu into a group offering comprehensive “end-to-end” marcom solutions. Initially, she consolidated the group's brands, bringing multiple marketing communication brands and subsidiaries under one roof, providing clients with more comprehensive and cost-effective services, embodying the vision and synergy of "One dentsu."

Furthermore, Jennifer continued to champion co-creation, promoting collaboration and impact not only within dentsu group but throughout the entire marcom industry. Identifying the significance of AI and human-machine collaboration, she established the dentsu Solution Center assisting dentsu group in developing and implementing various automated systems, establishing dentsu's proprietary think tank and intelligent work platform, dentsuPRO, allowing colleagues and clients to fully benefit from the empowerment of data and technology.

Expressing her confidence in dentsu's transformation, Jennifer stated, " I appreciate the recognition from the judges. This honor belongs to everyone in dentsu. It's their efforts that have made all this possible. Transformation is imperative for all businesses and is an essential milestone for leading brands. Only when we take the lead can more people see and believe that committing to transformation can create a sustainable future. Having undergone six years of transformation, dentsu has become client’s essential business growth partner, bringing more valuable contributions to this ever-changing world."

In a rapidly changing future, under Jennifer's leadership, dentsu Taiwan will continue to use their creativity, data, and technology capabilities to precisely capture market and client needs, creating unique competitive advantages. With a clear vision and transformative actions, the team will not only keep abreast of trends but also proactively invest and position themselves, fostering contemporary talent in tandem, ensuring dentsu's continued journey with its clients, leading the industry towards sustainability.

This year's Digital Transformation Dingge Awards saw 240 entries competing, with only 56 receiving awards. The judging panel commended Jennifer Tang's achievements in digital transformation: "By introducing systems like Salesforce and other automation technologies, it allows employees to focus on more valuable tasks. Furthermore, the establishment of a 'dentsu Solution Center ' enables the team to discern the situation and develop correct strategies for client service. Leading the team with the three core philosophies of Idea-led, data-driven, and tech-enabled, she captures market and client needs, creating unique competitive advantages."