Trends 2023 - A TALE OF NEW CITIES

Published on:

We are pleased to share Dentsu Creative’s 2023 Trends Report, ‘A Tale of New Cities’. 

Traditionally, trend reports point the way forward to a bold and exciting new future. Where innovation unlocks exciting new possibilities for humanity, and where we move inevitably forward. Yet as we look to 2023 it’s hard to escape the sense that perhaps progress is not always as inevitable as we’ve been led to believe in an era of global conflict, recession and climate change.

Our report unpacks 12 key trends for 2023 that reflect this volatility, presented in six pairs exploring both the challenge and an opportunity for brands and businesses. Designed to find equilibrium in a world where the tension between old and new, technology and humanity, innovation and tradition exist together. As throughout this uncertainty, we believe the one certainty is that creativity, emotion, innovation and collaboration can win. Drawing on insights and inspiration from our talent across Dentsu Creative’s global network, we have provided a rich diversity of perspective.

2022 was a transformative year for the level of service we offer following the launch of Dentsu Creative, and with this report we look to inspire you to access our full and expanded set of capabilities, to embrace a modern creative toolkit, create culture and imagine a better future. 

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