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About the campaign

This promotion together with OPTA data integration data and high-tech software, was a first in Africa, pushing OOH innovation to the next level, and associating Guinness with football in an impactful way.

Other agencies involved: Carat Kenya, Hey Human and Carberry


Guinness has been associated with football across Africa for decades. To elevate this, Guinness teamed up with Man United legend, Rio Ferdinand. We co-developed a unique football concept in market, aimed at celebrating talent, our favourite pastime and Guinness!


Introducing, Guinness Night Football - Football like you’ve never seen before. 

A vibrant, and intense experience, echoing the brands spirit, with heart-thumping action, five-a-side football between Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda at a Pan-African finale in Lagos, Nigeria – all produced under incredible UV lighting and mind-bending projections.

We partnered with Africa’s biggest, most loved Football platform,, to maximise reach, produce bespoke content and further entrench our Football association on the continent.


The Kenyan part of the campaign and search for players, kicked off in October. A series of Night Football events across the country, gave fans the chance to compete and win a coveted spot on the five-a-side team, that would compete at the final.

Two weeks before the Pan-African final kicked off, Guinness upped the stakes in Kenya, giving fans an unexpected opportunity to win a ticket to Lagos, joining the Kenyan team at the Night Football finale with Rio Ferdinand.

But it wasn’t going to be easy…

We took this event to the next level by sourcing global OPTA data through our partner, This data source has almost every premier global football move ever made mapped out in GPS like accuracy.

Taking this, Guinness mapped the path of each goal onto a projected pitch and indestructible goal screen for fans to try re-creating these legendary goals in front of all, at Greenspot Bar along Kamakis, Nairobi.

The digital goal screen could record to the millimetre where the ball hit  – making for a nail-biting competition for fans brave enough to test their skills.

The final round got fans recreating a world class penalty shot from our Guinness ambassador, Rio Ferdinand, with only one eventual winner.

Carat South Africa

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