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About the campaign

Our campaign needed to launch Even Pigment Perfector, driving high awareness of the innovation, educate consumers on the new ingredient, Thiamidol as well as resonate with a South African audience in an authentic way in order to show that Eucerin understands both their physical and emotional skin needs.

Other agencies involved: R2Digital, Espresso


Due to the South African climate and ethnic diversity, many South African consumers suffer from pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The emotional trauma an individual can endure by living with a condition that can be physically seen can be detrimental to their self - confidence. Eucerin wanted to use their derma expertise to provide consumers with not only a physical solution to this but a solution that provided them with emotional support and understanding as well.

To achieve this Eucerin launched a new innovation in skincare, Even Pigment Perfector. This product contains Eucerin’s patented and proven active, Thiamidol, dermatologically proven to visibly reduce dark marks and dark spots for even and radiant skin.


In order to achieve our marketing goals, as well as truly showcase the products efficacy, we knew we needed a multi-channel approach in order to drive awareness, underpinned by an influential and relatable South African personality. We launched the campaign with Zuraida Jardine, who resonated with the Eucerin brand positioning, suffered from uneven skin tone and is loved by the South African audiences. This allowed us to drive education of the product benefits but at the same time touch the hearts of consumers who can relate to issues around pigmentation.


A media launch event highlighted the medical backing of Eucerin, the product and new development of Thiamidol ingredient. Event attendees included medical professionals as well as influencers which drove awareness and hype. Zuraida along with medical professor Dr Susan Taylor spoke at the event, ensuring we addressed the emotional and factual aspect of pigmentation skin conditions. 

Television is the ideal reach driver against our market. We used a combination of FTA & Paid stations, in order to get equal effective reach splits between the WCI & Black markets.

Alongside Television we drove awareness through second screen viewing, ensuring incremental reach through digital video channels. TV syncing and VDX interactive video solutions allowed us to maximise second screen viewing as well as driving education simultaneously.

Magazines with highest reach against our target audience and the lowest cost per 1000 based on paid copies, reduced our wastage.  

Our social media approach, while based in reach, enabled us to drive brand and influencer content. This approach ensured that we would educate consumers around the extent of research that went into the development of the new ingredient, Thiamidol, as well as drive the emotional connection and journey that they can relate to through the use of Zuraida.

We also needed to ensure that when the consumer showed intent through search, the brand visibility was high. This was supported through a Google Search campaign. Over the campaign period the search terms “Eucerin Pigment Perfector” and “Thiamidol” reached breakout terms on Search, reaffirming the true interest of the consumer.  

  • 2.7 Million Consumers reached through TV
  • 2 Million Video Views
  • 10 000 000 Impressions via social media
  • 41% growth of the Even Tone category (Eucerin’s new innovation grew the category substantially)
Eucerin Even Pigment Perfecter

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