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GRPs within the first 2 months (36% of category TV SOV)


radio spots (67% of category SOV)


average campaign monthly reach


news mentions in electronic and print media


Despite being Nigeria’s market leader in the seasoning category, Nestle’s Maggi was witnessing severe onslaught from competition, which led to a significant loss in market share in the southern part of Nigeria despite increased marketing efforts in the region. Even though not as bad as the situation in the south, the competitive onslaught was also gathering momentum in the north.

Trial and recruitment for Maggi were also on the decline.

To this end, Maggi launched a variant that will soothe the taste palletes of the southern population. Task for Agency was to drive meaningful awareness for the new product and arrest the decline in the Southern part of Nigeria


From our numerous workshops and focus group discussions, we knew that awareness was not a challenge for the brand with over 98% total brand awareness. This meant we needed to go beyond a Reach planning to creating value for the consumer through our communication. 

We also knew that Maggi over the years have hinged communication on heritage, which according to available data does not connect well with millennials which are the brand’s real targets. 

We recommended that the brand creates communication materials that directly addresses the targets and take a multimedia approach to communicate brand benefits. Our approach was the use of a combination of offline and online media as well as strong consumer engagement via strategic sampling and strong BTL activations.


  • 2800+ GRPs within the first 2 months (36% of category TV SOV)
  • 36k radio spots (67% of category SOV)
  • 72% average campaign monthly reach
  • 16+ news mentions in electronic and print media.
  • Trial increased by 14% after the first two months of campaign.
  • +2% gain in market share in the North and +1% in the south

About the campaign

A recognition of Maggi’s Commitment to understand the needs of its consumers which led to the launch of a new product – Maggi Naija Pot. A Tribute to Nigeria’s iconic soups & pottages that defines local cuisines around the country.

Maggi’s Nigeria Largest Integrated Marketing Campaign to drive awareness round the country, using a combination of Above the Line and Digital channels.

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