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brand in engagement in social media, with a record of 19% of engagement


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Beginning of 2019, the market leader, the all-time-favourite Mozambican beer 2M, was negatively impacted by the entry of a new local competitor brand. The switch to the new brand was rationalized by consumers as 2M being the boring wife, with the new brand a younger and tempting new mistress. This conversation became present at every table, strongly affecting the sentiment towards the 2M brand.


In a completely spontaneous way, two 2M fans created a Facebook video serenading the brand as a form of declaration of love, which in just 1 week reached more than 80,000 views and 3,500 shares organically.

It was the perfect timing for the brand to react!

The answer was for the brand to genuinely retribute the fans love. 

Only one month after the viral video, a new brand campaign was launched, inspired by the two fans, making a simple declaration of love from the brand to consumers reinforcing that real love is special and creating a huge emotional movement lead by the most well known Mozambican influencers. 


This real, spontaneous, and emotional way of thanking everyone for all the love they were getting back really impacted the sentiment the fans had for 2M. 

In just 2 weeks the brand regained its leadership on social media giving more and more love back to its true fans using our influencers in a personalized way to answer the fans comments – with customised campaign memes and funny gifs.

  • - 64% (decreased) of negative sentiment 
  • 85% Positive Sentiment
  •  #1 brand in engagement in social media, with a record of 19% of engagement.
  • +22% The organic reach (2,5 times bigger than the benchmark of 9%). 
  • 1500% “love” reaction surpassed the competitor 
  • 1000 personalized hearts, highly demanded by fans

About the campaign

The campaign TV commercial is a reinterpretation of the most famous Mozambican romantic ballade from Mr Bow: “my number 1” and opens with those two real 2M fans – the most authentic influencers - acting out exactly the same situation they had done in their viral video.  

For the love movement to grow bigger, we decided to invite 5 Mozambican influencers to be featured in the videoclip and the King of romantic music - Mr Bow.

With this approach, 2M was able to amplify this declaration of love quickly to a much bigger audience – more than 1.5million fans- and make it a personal message from each influencer.

This Campaign won a gold at the ABInBEV Africa Creative X 2019 Awards for the best use of influencers. 

2M Number 1 Full Image

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