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About the campaign

Using relatable, everyday scenarios to bring our message to life, we explored a range of tiring situations that our consumers typically experience daily and showcased the role of the brand in helping them get through it.

We were able to position the brand in a new light, not as a solution to the consumers problems but as the brand that provides the much-needed energy (mental & physical) that is required to get through those tiring situations. 

The campaign kicked-off on Online platforms with our lead film and press materials, stirring up lots of conversation, conversations that allowed the new brand message to proliferate effectively.

In line with our core objective from the jump, we were able to start the journey towards a total perception change for Lucozade, shifting from being the brand for sick people to one that is for everybody, suitable for every situation and consumption occasion.


A combination of the brand positioning over the years and prevalent consumption patterns had led to Lucozade becoming a brand perceived to be for sick people. This impacted consumers’ willingness to buy the brand’s products especially when they were in full health.


It was important to move away from the association with sickness; however, we did not want to lose one of the core benefits of the brand – Glucose Energy. So, we decided to re-frame what it means to be ‘sick’.

“Everyone has something that they’re sick (and tired) of”

We changed the narrative around sickness from the literal meaning of ill-health to an expression of dissatisfaction and mild frustration – as it is widely used in casual conversations amongst our target audience. This narrative was a perfect fit especially in the Nigerian context.

While as a brand, we could not solve all their problems in reality, we positioned ourselves as a brand that gives that much needed energy that is needed to get through that unfavorable or tiring situation.


Using the brand proposition “Energy To Get Through It”, which doubled as our campaign idea, we created a series of film and press materials deployed across online, social and offline channels.

With every material our consumers were exposed to, they were able to take away two important things; (i)Lucozade is not a drink for the sick (ii)Lucozade is the energy drink for every situation/occasion. 

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