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more users on the website 


lift in brand search queries from May to July




clicks in digital audience building alone 


The insurance industry is a very competitive one with brands struggling to find propositions that truly mean something to South Africans other than price. It is a category that has become all about premiums and finding the lowest one possible. 

How could we get 1st For Women, a brand well known and respected by consumers, into South African’s consideration set and convince them to switch, not based on price but on value.  


We brought our argument to life on radio with a frank appeal to women – that we need to talk about safety. We need to confront the role safety plays in our lives. And we need to reclaim some of our headspace and live a little more fearlessly.

On television, we wanted to capture this insight in a way that’s real and raw and relatable. We wanted to show SA women that we get it. We understand how much headspace safety takes up. How much thoughts about safety limit our lives and how much freer we would feel if we could just think about it a little bit less. 

Online, we used pre-rollers to demonstrate, in just 6 seconds, key situations women often feel unsafe in, and moments that inspire thoughts of safety, and urged women to put their safety first with 1stFor Women.


  • Substantial lift in visits to the FFW website
  • We trended on day of launch with #safety1st
  • June Facebook engagement 3x of May
  • 3.6million impressions, 248k clicks in digital audience building alone 
  • Over 14 000 more users on the site in July than May, and 8 000 more than June
  • 9.2% lift in brand search queries from May to July
  • On DM June & July highest response rate in the last 12 months

About the Campaign

As women, we think about safety a lot. All the time. When we’re at home. When we’re on the road. When we go for a run. When we hail a ride. When we get into a lift with a stranger. Even on the loo. So, the questions is: if we think about safety so much, why don’t we think about it when it comes to choosing our insurance? And why wouldn’t we choose an insurer that thinks about our safety as much as we do?

FoxP2 brought this insight to life in an integrated campaign for 1st For Women, SA’s only insurance brand dedicated to putting women’s safety first, with hard hitting TV, thought-provoking radio and crisp 6 second online videos that all pose a simple question: “Does your insurer think about safety as much as you do?”. 


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