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increase in lead to sales rate


increase in premium value of acquired customers


increase in customer lifetime value


Santam’s display advertising was working well from a quote/lead perspective but the channel was struggling to acquire new policyholders. Santam realised they needed a solution to drive greater profit from their Display advertising.


Santam and iProspect partnered with Google to develop a solution that would allow them to utilise actual sales data from their CRM inside of Google Ads for more sophisticated reporting, audience segmentation, and bidding across their Display Campaigns.


Santam experienced a profound impact in Display performance. Not only did they manage to increase their lead to policy sale rate by 22%, but they have also witnessed a 32% increase in average premium value, and an 85% increase in the value of policies sold. These results has a positive impact on acquiring clients with a high customer lifetime value.

  • 22% - Increase in lead to sales rate
  • 32% - Increase in premium value of acquired customers
  • 85% - Increase in customer lifetime value

About the campaign

To understand the full customer journey and relationship between website leads and offline sales, iProspect integrated Santam’s CRM data with Google Analytics. This integration brought fulfilled offline sales data to Google Analytics and Google Ads on a daily basis.

Through a collaborative effort between Santam, Google & iProspect, we were able to leverage Santam’s offline data to drive business performance.

In light of these results, Santam will ensure that Display campaigns integrate with offline data and use this as a permanent part of their acquisition strategy.

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