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Despite being in market for a number of years, NIVEA Perfect & Radiant had a challenge with awareness and distinction within the competitive Even Tone Face Category.

We needed to develop a campaign that enabled stand out and differentiation - creating a clear distinction from competitors with a younger audience looking for a simplified skin routine.

Through an analysis of 3 years’ worth of data, we saw that NIVEA P&R Cleanse’s biggest competitor was gaining market share while NIVEA P&R was flighting on TV and there was a lack of differentiation of product packaging in store. We could deduct based on the analysis that consumers were not realising the difference between the two brands hence the perceived low awareness levels.


To create excitement, awareness & distinction for the product, NIVEA joined forces with award-winning musician, Sho Madjozi. Her youthful, and colourful personality provided the ideal platform and association to re-launch the Perfect & Radiant brand to a younger consumer and create the distinctiveness that the product needed.

We knew Perfect & Radiant needed to sweat the opportunity of having Sho Madjozi as a Brand Ambassador, so it was imperative that we created a campaign that did not simply use her as the face of the campaign – we needed to create a participation platform that created authentic, two-way communication between the brand and our younger consumers.

We launched the #RoutineRoutine Challenge on TikTok, the perfect, “designed for people” platform launching our challenge as the first ever female personal care brand partnership on the platform!

Sho Madjozi challenged consumers to get involved and share their best attempt at re-enacting the routine on TikTok.

To create added authenticity of the challenge to a South African audience and support the Sho Madjozi ambassadorship, we partnered with several other South African personalities and micro-influencers to show us their best #RoutineRoutine and challenge their followers to do the same.

Consumers who completed the #RoutineRoutine challenge could stand a chance to win R10 000 cash or one of five NIVEA Perfect & Radiant hampers valued at R1 500 each.

Alongside our extensive TikTok partnership we delivered awareness through:

  • Television, which included a Zoot Review with Sho Madjozi as well as a generic TV
  • Country wide, large format Out of Home sites,
  • Social Media
  • Online Video across a number of sites including a YouTube Masthead on the day of launch
  • Search
  • Influencer & Micro-Influencers Activations
  • PR
  • As well as specially designed social media AR filters to ensure we engaged our younger audience


The campaign knocked the lights out, reaching over 3.9M people on Television, 4.7M unique users on Social Media, 3.1M reached through influencers and achieved more than 2.4M views on TikTok.

The greatest achievement is that we saw a 62.5% growth in Net Sales for FY2020 and became the Number One brand in Even Tone (3MM).

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