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Covid-19 has placed serious stress points upon Kenyan citizens. This has left the population feeling, very worried and in some cases, Helpless, placing people at an all-time low. The stresses include job and income insecurity, Health and wellbeing, Stress, Children’s education Our agencies came together to unpack the stresses and how exactly we could best demonstrate the brand's loyalty and support to our customers across the country.


In order to create a connection with our audiences during this difficult time, we let them be the storytellers of their experiences. To elevate their word of mouth and essentially empower the people behind the phone numbers. For a moment to forget about the brand and focus on what it means to millions of people across the country because there was nothing meaningful in promoting a product but the power lies in keeping the people moving. 


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About the campaign 

Laughter has a way of making one forget all the challenges they have. A surprise stand-up comedy with Kenya’s top comedian disguised as a conductor/preacher on the city hoppers to entertain and engage the commuters give free bus rides in a bid to cheer and engage with our audiences when morale and general outlook of life was low amidst the pandemic. 

"Our goal was to drive NPS for our brand and we briefed the agency to come up with personalised solutions that would resonate with our audiences amidst the pandemic."
Stuti Ahuja, Brand Manager, Safaricom.

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