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Following the success of the launch of the first Burger King in the country in the Western Cape, the challenge was to break through the clutter to launch Burger King in Gauteng in an effective and impactful way, using the teaser #Whopperyourselfie campaign to create engagement and brand hype and interaction.

From a brand perspective Burger King had to break through the clutter of their already established competitors in this market. We needed to introduce the brand in a fun, impactful way that would get and retain consumers’ attention. 

We also had to strategically select OOH touch points that were along the consumers’ journey, but that did not require consumers to take Selfies whilst driving, due to the hazard that this poses.


From an OOH perspective Gauteng is incredible saturated with multiple OOH touch points overlapping and we needed to be mindful of not fading into the background and being washed out. 

We knew he had to cut through the OOH clutter and this was achieved through the following 2 strategies:

Convergence Node Strategy

Focus on owning the consumer journey from start to finish

Last Mile for the Consumer

Target opportunities in the immediate vicinity of each store, defend store territory.

Four different OOH mediums were utilized for the teaser campaign, namely mobile trailers were selected on specific routes partnering with Burger Kings trade 


Burger King was introduced to the Gauteng consumers in an innovative way across multiple touch points.

OOH worked very well during pre and post launch and was the only media activity that carried right through consistently from January until the end of June when the launch period was over.

The brand was established amongst consumers, as well as competitors.

About the campaign

Whopperyourselfie was a teaser campaign prior to the launch of Burger King in Gauteng.

The campaign required consumers to participate in a “treasure hunt” for hidden Whopper numbers that were hidden online, in print media and throughout the Gauteng area in strategic places. 

These Whopper numbers rewarded consumers with free Whopper vouchers on launch day.

Other agencies involved: King James

Bus Branding
Billboard Branding

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