Juan Pablo Lechenet

Creative, Isobar Argentina

What's the most inspiring thing you've seen?

Womb Stories is the campaign that inspired me the most. It has the perfect combination between craft, creativity and target participation. Besides being a piece of art, it also brings insight to men about what woman go through when they menstruate. As a male, I think that these kind of campaigns are very important to help us have more empathy.

What surprised you?

The amount of creativity and empathy in almost all the work that won awards. All these campaigns were born during quarantine. As a creative, I know first-hand how difficult it could be coming up with new, fresh ideas when you are closed up at home with no exterior inspiration. It’s great that most brands focused more on helping people than on making sales.

However, not seeing more work for LGBTQ+ and domestic violence causes was disappointing. These topics should be talked about by more brands. The world needs rebuilding and campaigns that help people can be the kickstarter for a big change.

What work really impressed you?

I made a top 5 of the campaigns I liked the most:

#StealOurStaff by Beco

This campaign was brilliant. We are trying to build a more equal world and people with disabilities are usually left out. Giving them a spotlight empowers them and the activation will not only benefit them with a job, the new employer will benefit as well by hiring people that will enrich the work environment.

Sick Beats by Woodier

I love campaigns that create things, especially if that innovation helps kids. This campaign really gets to your heart when you see the happiness of children when they experience for the first time a life changing experience. These kind of ideas are the reason I work in advertising.

Mozart 80 by Pfizer

One of the smartest campaigns I’ve seen. The creatives were able to find an entertaining way to show us the importance of vaccination, creating awareness and producing an outstanding activation. I think that many people have asked themselves what could have happened if our favourite musicians that passed away had more time to create.

Courage is Beautiful By Dove

A simple but powerful campaign. Many brands do huge productions to tell an idea and that’s great, but sometimes you can say more with just an image. I’m a photography fan and the pictures taken for these prints are just perfect. You can get the idea just by seeing the faces of the heroes that risk their lives to take care of the ill.

The Beauty of No Artificial Preservatives by Burger King

Burger King is a disruptive brand that takes risks, and this campaign is a perfect example of this. In an industry where you get catfished most of the times you order a burger, it’s normal to see perfect beauty shots of a burger. But this brand isn’t scared of showing their product at it’s worst to tell you that they don’t use preservatives in their food. Great idea!

What have you seen that will have the biggest implications for our industry over the next 12 months?

I think that the campaigns that will have more success will be the ones that are thought out with empathy and that are able to touch an emotional fibre. Covid changed people, made us more emotional and it’s a good thing for brands to change their approach and to be more human. Nowadays people feel alone and it’s really good to see that a brand gets what you’re going through.

Juan Pablo Lechenet is a Creative at Isobar Argentina.