Brent Koning

EVP, Global Gaming Vertical Lead

It is predicted that there will be 3.5 billion gamers worldwide by 2025. We spoke with Brent Koning, EVP, Global Gaming Vertical Lead, on how and why brands should be navigating the powerful gaming opportunities on the table and leave their perception of it being a niche hobby behind.

What do brands actually need to do around gaming activation this year?

Having a thoughtful measurement and KPI framework is critical for clients, especially with their gaming strategy and activations. Marketers must shift from reporting solely on impressions to reporting on more tangible metrics such as engagement, brand lift and player engagement.

Being crystal clear with your business objective should be step one before deciding on your gaming strategy and activation. This way you are more thoughtful when it comes to choosing which gaming channel (e.g. in-game, live streaming, influencer marketing, esports sponsorship, etc.) you want to activate to achieve your objective.

Which brands do you think are doing well and why?

I think that Pringles is doing one of the best jobs in video games. They aren’t stretching too far from their brand positioning, while also making games better for fans of the game. They aren’t leaving their community or the gaming community behind – using streaming technology with Twitch to reward players with in-game content that is actually functional and cool.

They also partner with different esports organizations to further cement themselves in the gaming communities and create deeper connections with gamers in authentic ways. Some of the activations with G2 Esports have been really fun.

What can our clients get most excited about dentsu gaming this year?

The only trajectory for gaming is growth.

With a global audience that is expanding every day, gaming technologies are providing gamers with more immersive experiences and brands with more authentic ways to engage with them. It is essential for brands to recognize that a game is not merely a channel, but rather a community comprised of diverse members with distinct behaviours, needs and motivations. Now is the time for brands to be incorporate gaming into their marketing mix.

At dentsu gaming, we provide our clients unparalleled to not only the biggest players and platform partners in gaming but also to a unique fusion of East-meets-West gaming culture, communities, and capabilities. This enables us to deliver thoughtful and authentic brand experiences through gaming at scale.