Dentsu Aegis Network Launches Total Commerce Practice in Latin America

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This practice establishes a regional center of excellence for every brand that seeks to initiate or accelerate its business in eCommerce.

São Paulo, July 2020- Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) today announces its Total Commerce practice in Latin America; the largest and most complete eCommerce solution in the region. Backed by its network of 1,250 trade specialists throughout the region, the practice is prepared to offer a unique approach that ensures an e-commerce solution for brands, focused on the end customer and business.

Total Commerce will be conducted regionally by Philippe Seignol, reporting to Julio Castellanos, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network, Latin America. In this role, Seignol will be responsible for expanding the Total Commerce ecosystem and best practices throughout the region, as well as fostering new opportunities for customers.

DAN Total Commerce is already born with the largest and pioneering eCommerce team in the region: 19 offices, 7 countries and 1,250 specialists, to accelerate the growth of the entire brand aiming at success in the e-commerce space. By integrating all the strategic and operational capabilities of what makes a robust and holistic commerce solution, whether through proprietary online stores, marketplaces, social channels or physical stores, DAN Total Commerce brings to life the best online shopping experiences for consumers. In addition, DAN has established global partnerships that include VTEX, Adobe, Salesforce, Amazon, Google and Facebook.

"The focus of Dentsu Aegis Network is to be a growth accelerator for our customers by leveraging and harmoniously integrating our complete ecosystem of creativity, media and technology. The eCommerce space is a perfect opportunity to bring to life the expertise of our experts who work together to transform and drive our clients' business objectives in the digital economy. The demand for a fully integrated, end-to-end commerce solution has accelerated dramatically and we expect this to continue in the coming years as Latin American consumers' confidence in e-commerce channels continues to grow," added Julio Castellanos.

Total Commerce will be supported by platform-agnostic solutions from across the network, including:

- Fast Track Digital Commerce: A modular set of solutions that serve as a guide for any commerce or digital transformation using VTEX.

- Complete eCommerce Operation and Management: strategy and creative production, media, customer service, shopping cart. 

- Integration with Social Commerce: experience design integrating eCommerce in social networks with websites.

- Complete CRM and PIM (Product Information Management): product repositories to feed the marketplaces using the Stibo system.

- Total Customer Journey Strategy: The ability to assign media prints to the conversion, provide customized solutions, and create loyalty programs that fuel consumer loyalty.

According to a recent survey of Dentsu Aegis Network customers, one-third of respondents in Brazil have already expanded their e-commerce presence amid the crisis, which should continue beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, according to six out of ten respondents.  

Eduardo Bicudo, Dentsu Aegis Network CEO Brazil, launches the offer in the country: "Our companies already have the necessary capabilities to give businesses the best platform for commerce. They are offers that combine to deliver technology, creativity and media for our customers to establish and grow in the e-commerce environment, from end to end: improving experience, recognizing loyal customers, being present in an assertive manner. Brands need to ensure that these fronts are integrated, rather than operating in silos, and Total Commerce is the solution to capitalize on these properties," he explains.

Already in its launch, Total Commerce offers a free e-commerce performance analysis for the brand interested in knowing how it is in comparison with its competitors. Developed for use by any brand worldwide, the 'Commerce Success Framework' gathers and analyzes data from the Fortune 500 and small/medium businesses, providing a personalized and robust audit for those brands that complete the online evaluation, which can be accessed at