As the concept of motherhood has evolved over the years, it is increasingly necessary to expand the market's view of the role played by these women. This is the proposal of MamaLab, an innovative project created and led by mothers in the Asian offices of Dentsu, which is now arriving in our continent by Dentsu Brazil.

The idea is to transform MamaLab into a great strategic consultancy for clients and partners, translating demands and opportunities, all from mother to mother. "Our challenge is to group the views about motherhood with women of different profiles, world views and complementary opinions about what it is to be a mother," says Priscilla Ceruti who, besides Chairmom and President of MamaLab Brasil-Latam, is General Director of Planning at Dentsu Brasil. 

The starting point of the MamaLab in Brazil was a survey conducted in partnership with Mindminers, which revealed a series of indicators on the expectation and reality of mothers before and after the last Mother's Day. What did they feel? What did they do on this date? What did they say? What is the relationship with those present? After all, what did they really expect and what did they gain? 

"We receive a series of data and surveys every year filled with expectations about sales on this date which, after Christmas, is the second most important for commerce. As mothers and advertisers, we want to go further. We want to discover what happens on this day in real life and transform the results into strategies that really involve mothers and brands", Priscilla adds.

Among the 250 women interviewed, mothers and pregnant women in the ABC classes between 25 and 45 years of age, time is still the highest cost in the so-called "modern world". When asked what they would like to accomplish on the next Mother's Day, most put "more time with their children" and "not having to choose between children and career" as their priorities. Clothes and accessories are the majority among those present, followed by souvenirs made by the children themselves. The study also showed that mothers do not only get gifts from their children, almost a third of them get gifts from their own mother, mother-in-law and sister, and 12% buy gifts for themselves on the date.

The MamaLab was created by Dentsu Global in Japan in 2009. Today, with centers in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan, the initiative celebrates its arrival in Latin America, landing in Brazil by the hands of the president of the agency Mario D'Andrea. Soon, the project will also arrive in India, Thailand and China. To watch the cases where the mothers of the hub have acted, access