Digital is a lever for female entrepreneurship in Latin America, says study

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Unprecedented research by Dentsu Aegis Network reveals that most Latin Americans consider technology fundamental to success; in Brazil, online sales are niche to be explored

Latin American women who choose the path of entrepreneurship are increasingly achieving full independence: they depend less and less on banks and even on their families to invest in their businesses and have an average annual income up to four times higher than the national income of their home countries. But they still have room to grow. The opportunity? Bet on digital.  

That's what the study "Hear Her Voice -- Listening to the voice of women entrepreneurs in Latin America", by the Dentsu Aegis Network group, points out, which profiled women entrepreneurs in the region, more precisely in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

In total, more than 1,000 women between the ages of 18 and 54 participated in the survey interview on entrepreneurship experience and another 153,000 were monitored through social networks (profiles and mentions of the topic on the web).

Overall, the result shows that, for Latin American women (88%), technology plays a fundamental role in business success; and 73% use social platforms to leverage their business. 

Brazil: online sales is a niche to be explored

In Brazil, 96% of the women evaluate as positive the impact of technology on the business - the greatest proportion among the four countries surveyed. But only 23% believe that cell phones are essential, for example, to sell products and services. 

The most accepted form of payment among Brazilian women is still money (26%). New technologies, such as Paypal, is the lowest, proportionally, with 12%. Credit Cards, 26% and transfers, 28%. 

Here, online sales can be better exploited, according to the survey. Only 12% of the Brazilian entrepreneurs sell online. This index is lower than that of Argentines (22%), Colombians (8%) and Mexicans (9%).

Business profiles

The study revealed another point in common among Latin American entrepreneurs: business profiles are still linked to the female universe. Among the main markets in which Latin Americans are present are: cosmetics and personal care (30%); clothing and accessories (28%), food and beverages (14%) and technology (5%). The cut Brazil reveals that the country is below the average of the region latam: cosmetics and personal care (24%); clothing and accessories (17%), food and beverages (11%) and technology (2%). 

Initial investments

The cut on the origin of initial investments shows that, in Brazil, 38% used their own savings; 20% family resources; 9% of husbands; and 4% of banks. Twenty-nine percent of Brazilians responded that they did not need initial resources.