DAN launches talent attraction program to include, train and expand opportunities

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Entitled ITO - Inclusion, Training and Opportunity - the initiative aims to train professionals to work with technology and media concepts, while reinforcing Dentsu Aegis Network's commitment to social transformation.

DAN Brazil (Dentsu Aegis Network), aligned to the global purpose that digital should positively impact the whole society, announces the ITO program, aimed at attracting new talent for the DMS (DAN Marketing Service), data service, analytics and business intelligence (BI) of the group.

Under the acronym "Inclusion, Training and Opportunity", the ITO aims to employ and train people of diverse social, economic and cultural profile, providing chances for wider audiences. Thus, DAN wants to attract to its team people who have difficulty in professional placement due to several factors, either because they are not formally inserted in the labor market and do not have a formal occupation, or because they are retired or refugees.

"Social impact is our strategy to build a Digital Economy that works for everyone. This means inspiring others to also embrace the potential of digital for a more just and efficient society," explains Abel Reis, CEO DAN Brazil and Isobar Latam. "The ITO reinforces the commitment of DAN and Dentsu Inc. to have a diverse and inclusive team, with the intention of making a difference. Our entire business ecosystem is strengthened by embracing different experiences and new perspectives," he adds.

The initiative seeks, in addition to inclusion and diversity, to provide complementary training to those who are selected. Through the DMS Academy, a 4-week workshop focused on teaching concepts that are applied daily in the media area, the ITO aims to train participants in topics related to technology, such as Business Intelligence (BI), in addition to digital media, research and data. Thus, the DMS Academy is a stage within the program that offers technical knowledge to participants, who can learn or improve these concepts.

General dynamics of the ITO

To be eligible to apply for a position in the HLD through the ITO, candidates must be between 30 and 60 years of age, enjoy technology and have an interest in new knowledge. 

"With this initiative, we seek, beyond filling vacancies, candidates who have synergy with the values of the group: collaboration, pioneering, responsibility, agility and ambition", declares Iza Herklotz, Director of Human Resources of DAN Brazil, who coordinates the initiative. "We will take into consideration the engagement of the individual with the digital universe, and characteristics linked to social inclusion will also be analyzed," says Herklotz.

Phases of the program

The programme will be divided into 3 phases:

- Pre-selection registration 

The starting point of the ITO will be the general opening of the registrations, which can be done by clicking on http://ito.social. In this phase, there will be the application of tests of Portuguese, logic and general knowledge. After that, the candidates who achieve the best performance will be invited to participate in a group dynamic, of which 30 candidates will be selected for the DMS Academy.

- Training and selection (DMS Academy)

In this phase, it will be analyzed frequency in classes, test scores, to be applied at the end of each week, and observation of the posture and behavior in the classroom of participants in relation to the values of the DAN group (collaboration, pioneering, responsibility, and agility and ambition).

- Final selection 

In the final stage of the process, individual interviews will be conducted with the future manager and with the Human Resources area.