Love and Sex in the Digital Age: the most complete x-ray of virtual relationships

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With the evolution of technologies and the sophistication of data use, dating applications, porn sites and sex toys attract more and more customers, presenting a series of business opportunities for brands;

Qualitative analysis of social listening is published in the report "Amor & Sex", of the content platform of the Isobar Group, nöse (

São Paulo (SP), May 2019 - The Isobar Group (formed by the agencies Isobar, Pontomobi, Cosin Consulting and Lov; and IWS -- Isobar's software development center) announces the launch, on Monday (6), of the second "White Paper" of its proprietary Nöse content platform. To read the entire content, just go to

Under the title "Love & Sex", the new document brings a deep analysis about the way technology has been modifying human relationships, notably affective and loving, nowadays. The report presents a compilation of initiatives, projects and data related to the love and sex industry in the digital age. And, mainly, it brings insights on the impact, challenges and opportunities provided by technology, especially in the form of websites and applications for relationship and adult entertainment, for the work of brands.

A qualitative analysis of social listening published in the White Paper "Amor & Sexo" shows that a new scenario for brands and advertisers arises from this. More and more, the users of these services experience interactions with messages brought by the most diverse brands, many times without any relation with the service they are using. The report verified five dating apps (Grindr, Happn, OkCupid, ParPerfeito and Tinder) and four pornographic sites (Pornhub, RedTube, XVideos and YouPorn). 

In dating applications, the survey shows that most users (89%) do not care about the presence of ads and have a neutral view on it. Already 6% consider this movement negative, while only 4% have a positive perception.

The survey shows that some people like certain campaigns so much that they say they do not match with companies, but with ads. 

The share of voice (a term that represents the measurement of the audience reached by the brand in a campaign) among the five meeting applications evaluated is higher in Tinder, where it reaches 32%. In Grindr, this index reaches 24%; in Happn, 18%; in ParPerfeito, 16%; and, finally, in OkCupid, 10%.

The first Nöse White Paper brought as a central theme the blockchain and its impact and several industries. In addition to these documents, with analyses on diversified themes, the platform also has collaborative content, in which readers can cooperate with suggestions of themes that can be made by e-mail