We believe in the meaningful progress that our agencies can deliver for our clients

Our agencies and people are the elite in their field. And each is part of a global team designed to mobilise according to your unique needs, for truly integrated solutions.

First media agency worldwide consistently ranked #1 on a global level. Delivers an unparalleled capability to unlock real human understanding and connect people and brands - we do this by creating powerful and engaging media experiences. We identify the most appropriate marketing and media channels, allocate investment and recommend how to deliver connected experiences across media, technology, content and commerce.

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iProspect, a dentsu company, is a global digital-first end to end media agency. Its unmatched mix of media strategy and storytelling with digital expertise and audience knowledge defines the new territory of performance-driven brand building. By delivering human-centric solutions, iProspect accelerates growth for the world’s most iconic brands. The iProspect team works across a network of more than 8,000 media and performance specialists spread across 93 global markets.

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dentsu X is an integrated marketing agency network combining best-in-class communication and media planning services, content creation, technology, data and behavioural insights. In a saturated media agencies’ market, dentsu X helps brands create memorable, personalised marketing solutions that meet rapidly changing consumer demands to deliver ‘Experience Beyond Exposure.’ Across the world dentsu X works hand in hand with clients’ other agencies, and tap into our vast landscape of innovators, from tech giants to upstart startups.

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Merkle is a full-service and data-driven customer experience transformation business that partners with Top 500 companies in the DACH region and also in Eastern Europe. Merkle is shaping the digital future, driving change and providing clients with a truly holistic approach. The company creates a comprehensive and sustainable offering in digital transformation consulting and customer experience management. Our connected network of over 1800 digital enthusiasts provide expertise in Digital Transformation strategy, MarTech platforms, Creativity, UX, CRM, Data, Commerce, Mobile and CMS. 

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Dentsu Creative is Dentsu's sole global creative network that transforms brands and businesses through the power of Modern Creativity. 2022's Cannes Lions Agency of the Year, it is made for integration with Dentsu's Media and Merkle networks through Horizontal Creativity. 9,000 creatives across the globe are connected to dentsu’s Media and CX experts to deliver ideas that Create Culture, Shape Society, and Invent the Future.

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World-leading expert in the digital transformation of supply chains, we bring a wealth of experience in building projects that digitize supply chains to create maximum supply chain transparency and control for governments and brands. Our approach is digital and data-driven, moving beyond data collection to data intelligence.

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