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Gen Z actively pursues brands that share this sense of social responsibility.

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Dentsu’s CMO Survey 2021 shows, “83% agreed that there can no longer be any disconnect between what a brand promises and what it delivers for its customers, communities, and employees.” 

Gen Z believes in the individual’s power to influence the world’s future for good and actively pursues brands that share this sense of social responsibility. Thus, for the brand, it can lead to more positive social value by meeting the needs and preferences of the consumer group and better delivering its social responsibility and good purpose.


Young people are concerned about social issues of ecology (climate change + biodiversity + natural resource conservation) and equity and justice (including caring for vulnerable people + gender equality + educational equity).

In fairness and justice, oppression and colored spectacles, the passionate youth of today dare to speak up and support brands that speak out for them. As a result, the rise of women’s power and the fight against gender discrimination jumped into hot social topics from time to time.


The report shows that 95.1% of consumers believe that their favorability toward a brand is impacted by whether the brand is socially responsible or not. The next generation of consumers, Gen Z, how they care for and value social responsibility-related issues is much more than many brands could have imagined. When it comes to broader environmental practices and corporate social responsibility, Gen Zs have higher expectations of brands.


As the practitioners of green consumption, Gen Zs are willing to pay more for brands with authentic green credentials. The brand’s sustainable initiatives have been a criterion for young consumers in choosing a brand. Gen Zs also like to be involved in what they can do as individuals to fight for good.


Brand: Ant Forest
Creative Agency: DENTSU CREATIVE

Environmental campaigns can feel a little overwhelming, often conveying a sense of imminent crisis. Audiences can understand the implications of environmental issues, but feel powerless and not know where to start. Alipay’s green initiative, Ant Forest, understood this, and wanted to encourage people to establish environmental awareness and easily achieve environmental protection in daily life.

Ant Forest inspired their customers to live a lower-carbon life with easy-to-implement behaviour shifts. Together we created This is very Green, a series of films for social media featuring a range of animals in the forest. Our forest inhabitants explain how customers can play their part in a greener future, using a combination of humorous metaphor and hard-hitting messaging: an elephant tells us to use fewer disposable straws as it sucks up rainwater with its trunk, and a crab tells us to use fewer disposable chopsticks while flexing its claws.

The original films set out eight ways to adopt a greener lifestyle and were also created using a low-carbon method. We did not require travelling or shooting, which minimised our carbon footprint in production, with overall budget under US$50,000. The engaging campaign put across these important ideas in a memorable, clever way, ensuring the sustainable message was long-lasting for our audience, increasing brand loyalty and reinforcing a commitment to sustainability. Across two weeks, over 1.23 billion were reached with the campaign, and it tallied over 600,000 interactions globally.


Last but not the least, as dentsu’s latest report “Brand Resilience and Prosperity in the ‘Pandemic’ Battlefield” mentioned, “Brand reputation becomes a high priority for conscious buyers, and brand responsibility and trust become an important factor in their purchase decision.” 

Sharing the same sentiment with the next generation of consumers, with a greater emphasis on environmental and societal issues, as well as sustainable development practices, will be the next green step for the brand's innovative marketing. 

Author: dentsu Z