Carat Launches 《Carat Trends 2021》——The Year of Emotionally Intelligent Marketing

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Carat Launches 《Carat Trends 2021》—The Year of Emotionally Intelligent Marketing.

This year we have split our annual trends report into three sections:

-looks at five long term societal trends that are changing how we live our lives.

-looks at shorter-term patterns and innovations that we will see in the media landscape in 2021.

-looks at the connections and intersections between the different trends and patterns. It provides a starting point for you to think about ways that you can build smart, emotionally intelligent experiences for people in 2021.

So why this emphasis on using emotional intelligence to make trends actionable? In the 《Brand EQ Report》that Carat launched earlier this year, we found that-Higher EQ is correlated with higher shareholder returns. (EQ report link)

One of our key findings was that technology driven, innovative brands scored more highly in EQ than brands in categories that deploy more classical marketing techniques. This was particularly true amongst younger cohorts that typically adopt new trends and technology first.

Ami Qian, Managing Director of Carat China Said:“To connect with the younger consumer in China, brands need empathy and speed. At Carat, we recognize that empathizing with people is more important than ever in a disrupted and disconnected world. This is also reflective of the China reality, that media exists at the heart and pace of culture, and that understanding this intersection is critical for creating the high-touch, high-value consumer connection needed to unlock future growth”

So, this year our trends predictions focus on ways that societal and media developments can be brought together to create experiences that enable brands to create a meaningful value exchange with people and display emotionally intelligent traits more broadly in how they show up.

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