Decarbonising the digital economy

Business as usual is no longer enough, best in class environmental performance is now a license to operate. We recognise the role that we have played in driving consumption on a planet with constrained resources. We must use the power we have through our core offering, to help the world find a better way.

Climate action

We believe that for business growth to be truly sustainable, we must accelerate the transition to a low carbon future and reduce the impact of climate change by reaching real net zero. We are proud to be one of the first companies in the world to have our net zero target validated under the new SBTi Net-Zero Standard.

Our net zero target is aligned with limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. It includes two targets. A near-term target to reduce absolute emissions by 46.2% by 2030 across Scope 1, 2 and 3 (from a 2019 base year) and a long-term deep decarbonisation target to reduce absolute emissions across our entire value chain by 90% by 2040. Our focus is on carbon reduction and once we’ve achieved the 90% reduction we will neutralise any residual emissions by investing in nature based solutions.

With our targets approved, in 2021, we made strong progress and reduced Scope 1 and 2 absolute carbon emissions by 53% (from 2019 baseline), achieving our near-term science-based target nine years early. To drive further impact, we invested in projects to compensate for the remaining Scope 1 and 2 emissions and are today proud that dentsu is carbon neutral. But there is more to do. Over the next few years, we will strive to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions further and accelerate action on Scope 3 emissions. 

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Sustainable production and consumption

But the radical decarbonisation of our business and value chain is only the first step. We also recognise that as a digital communications and marketing network, the biggest impact we have is in our ability to change mindsets and influence behaviours. We can raise awareness and inspire people to take action to combat the climate crisis and to live more sustainable lifestyles.

We believe sustainable production and consumption is about creating balance between the needs of the planet and our needs as individuals, businesses, and communities. At present we have an imbalance. Over the next decade we are committed to helping 1 billion people make better, more sustainable choices.

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Decarbonising media since 2019

The global scale of our industry is not to be underestimated. How we produce and disseminate our campaigns and work with our clients, partners and suppliers has an impact, and will play a critical role in the journey to net-zero for the industry. Businesses like ours can play a significant part, and we can all work together to decarbonise faster.

At dentsu, we have set a target to reduce the emissions associated with our media supply chain by 46% by 2030 (from a 2019 baseline). Achieving this will require collaboration across the entire media ecosystem, including our clients, many of whom have set their own science-based targets.

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Nature-based solutions

We cannot solve the climate emergency without nature as our ally. In 2021, dentsu became signatories to the WWF Business for Nature’s Call to Action asking governments to adopt ambitious nature policies.

In 2022 we took our first steps, compensating for our remaining Scope 1 and 2 emissions through investment in nature-based projects.

Through this work we invested in local renewable energy projects in Brazil and India, and forest conservation initiatives in Zimbabwe. Aside from positive environmental impacts, these projects also support local communities and sustainable development in the areas. 

Moving forward, we will place nature at the heart of our net-zero commitment, driving projects that balance climate action with our commitment to biodiversity. 

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Advocating for change 

A shift to a sustainable, net zero world is a journey for our clients and society, with no single solution, so engaging with a wide a range of stakeholders to advocate for change is a critical enabler of our social impact strategy.   

We collaborate with international stakeholders relevant to our industry, clients and the communities in which we work. We share insights and experiences, collaborate on industry initiatives to drive ambition, and engage with clients and policy makers on multi-lateral platforms that engage policy and government in the issues that core to our strategy and society’s transition to a net zero world.   

As an organisation with the potential to influence consumer and societal behaviour and action, we have a responsibility to engage proactively with clients and stakeholders to advocate for change and ambition. Examples include:   

UN Global Compact

We are members of this long standing voluntary business initiative based to take strategic action to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

World Business Council for Sustainable Development 

Dentsu is a member of WBCSD, a global, CEO-led organization of over 200 leading businesses working together to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world. 

World Economic Forum  

The World Economic Forum's Alliance of climate leaders is a coalition of CEO's from around the world and from across industry sectors committed to delivering concrete climate solutions and innovations in their practices, operations and policies.  

Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership – Business Transformation Group 

Dentsu is the only sector member of this innovative group of leading businesses for sustainability who develop new thinking and solutions to share with businesses to support the transformation journey towards a sustainable economy. 

Ad Net Zero  

We are a member of the Ad Net Zero steering group helping to reduce the carbon impact of the UK advertising industry to real net zero.  

Business for Nature 

Business for Nature is a global coalition bringing together influential organisations and forward-thinking businesses. Together, we demonstrate business action and call for ambitious and collective action on nature.  

Responsible Media Forum 

We are founding members of the Responsible Media Forum, a partnership between 25 leading media companies to further how the industry’s unique influence can benefit society as well as shareholders.   

Sustainable Brands 

We are members of Sustainable Brands, a global community of brand innovators who are helping to share the future of commerce worldwide.  

Global Alliance of Responsible Media 

dentsu is a strategic partner and Chair of GARM, a global collaboration of agencies, media platforms and industry associations to rapidly improve digital safety and drive accountability across the industry.  


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