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London (UK): For the first time ever, dentsu international has collectively gathered and published the insights and predictions of all its global media agencies into the ultimate 2022 Media Trends guide for marketers worldwide.  Futurist experts, specialists and leaders from Carat, dentsu X and iProspect have joined forces to identify and explore the biggest media trends to watch out for in the coming year.

In the 40 page ‘dentsu 2022 Media Trends’ report launched today, dentsu examines three megatrends helping to define a route to post-pandemic recovery, each with smaller manifestations or sub-trends which have major implications for brands.

Specifically, the ‘dentsu 2022 Media Trends’ report puts a spotlight on three megatrends:

1/ The Prolonged Pandemic describes the process of rapid adjustment, experimentation and innovation which is currently taking place as companies and consumers adapt to new ways of living.  This includes new hybrid models in many parts of life, greater use of virtual worlds, and greater flexibility in working patterns.

2/ Brand Citizenship examines how many brands are taking a more public-spirited approach to their manufacturing and marketing, using their knowledge and market power to help make the world more sustainable and fairer. Not least the consideration around the climate emergency, diversity and equality in media and enhancing supply chains.

3/ Identity looks at how, in the age of the pandemic, it is more important than ever that people be able to prove who they are, but at the same time harder for brands and third parties to know who they are reaching.

The implications of each of these megatrends for businesses, marketers and CMOs are also highlighted within the report as part of an up-front discussion with Fiona Lloyd (Global Client & Brand President, Carat), Amanda Morrissey (Global Client & Brand President, iProspect), and Sanjay Nazerali (Global Client & Brand President, dentsu X).

Speaking about the report and the collaboration involved, Peter Huijboom, Global CEO, Media & Global Clients, dentsu international, says; “We felt this year, after having been so long separated from offices and colleagues, is the right time to demonstrate how radical collaboration and cooperation can also bring cohesion around the best of ideas, thoughts and insights. With so many amazing specialists across our media network we’ve been able to go deep into the topic and truly appraise each trend with an unbiased eye, based on three very different viewpoints from each of our agency brand perspectives.”

Incorporated in the three core media trends are ten sub-trends marketers should consider when planning their 2022 media campaigns, these are:

  • OmniChannel Everything
  • New Ways to Buy
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Secure Scarcity
  • Fans of Flexibility
  • The Responsible Rebuild
  • Sustainable Marketing
  • The End of Anonymity
  • Beyond The Cookie
  • Value Exchanges

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The pandemic and the adjustment to what normal looks like continues to change behaviours and drive innovation. The brands already playing by the new rules of engagement are the ones which truly prosper.

  • OmniChannel Everything - Just as retail has moved to hybrid models combining online and offline, this will also be the norm for entertainment, events, work and health.
  • New Ways to Buy - The pandemic has accelerated retail innovation, from on-demand grocery shopping to live video shopping, to buying via the TV.
  • Virtual Worlds - Gaming boomed during the pandemic, and ideas of connected spaces (or Metaverses) are spreading to areas like virtual workspaces. VR is also very interesting.
  • Secure Scarcity - Digital media has always been easy to copy, but the new blockchain-enabled NFT technology allows individual assets to be made unique.
  • Fans of Flexibility - Workers are getting used to a new level of flexibility - but you can work from anywhere also means someone anywhere could do your job.


Brands are showing their empathy, and acting as upstanding citizens, using their power to make the world a better place.

  • The Responsible Rebuild - Acting sustainability to help the climate emergency, including creating better supply chains, and repairing and reselling.
  • Sustainable Marketing - Using ad budgets to make the world a better place, from monitoring the societal impact of campaigns to working with diverse media partners.


It has never been easier to prove your identity (e.g., via a ‘Covid Passport’), but it has never been harder for advertisers to target individuals.

  • The End of Anonymity - More and more services from Google to Facebook, to Tinder to Amazon Fresh stores want users to prove their identity.
  • Beyond The Cookie - iOS 14.5, and Google’s (delayed) plan to block cookies are focussing marketers' minds to develop new ways to target and measure.
  • Value Exchanges - The need for first-party data means that brands are now creating and hosting more content, to get access to consumer data and permissions.

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