Dentsu’s humanitarian response to the situation in Ukraine

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Dentsu Group Inc. announced today that based on the guiding principle of “we must be a force for good” which is a premise of the “Dentsu Group Code of Conduct,” it will donate approximately 140 million yen as humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and the surrounding areas, and that it is working to support activities in neighboring countries and ensure the safety of dentsu employees.

1.) Donation of approximately 140 million yen
To help those people affected in Ukraine and the surrounding areas, we are preparing to donate 100 million yen, after considering appropriate donation destinations, in addition to the £250,000 (around 38 million yen) that was already provided as urgent aid to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society on February 25.

2.) Support activities for refugee relief
We are fully cooperating in philanthropic and support activities for the relief of refugees, including those in neighboring countries, and will continue to do so. Specifically, we are providing accommodation arrangements, border transfers, legal assistance, psychological care, and assistance with daily necessities (such as clothing, first aid, mobile phones, sleeping bags and food) for people in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe), DACH (Germany (D), Austria (A), and Switzerland (CH)), and Scandinavia regions.

3.) Ensuring employee safety and security
We are giving top priority to measures that ensure the safety and security of our employees and their families in the relevant countries and surrounding areas, and those other related parties who are cooperating with us. Approximately 500 people were working for our affiliate with a local partner that handled the Group’s business in Ukraine, but business has already been suspended and we are providing family transfer, legal and housing support for those employees together with employment opportunities at other dentsu companies in other regions. In addition to the safety and security of our employees and related parties, the Group’s business in Russia, which is being carried out by approximately 1,500 people in a joint venture with a local company in Russia, is being reviewed from the perspective of complying with international sanctions as a global company, and we are proceeding with negotiations to transfer the ownership of our joint venture in Russia to the local company.
In addition, in response to the growing mental stress on employees outside of the affected markets, we are continuing to strengthen employee support, such as expanding the use of employee assistance programs and counseling in many of our markets.

Dentsu hopes that everyone can regain a safe and secure life.

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