At dentsu, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is central to our vision, “To be at the forefront of people-centered transformations that shape society”.

We believe that to deliver on our vision we must ensure that we are truly representative of the societies we serve and that our culture embraces inclusivity to drive long term, sustainable outcomes for all and growth for our clients.

It is our responsibility to empower business and societal transformation and in DEI we do this across our five global diversity themes of Gender, Anti-racism, LGBTQ+, Mental Health and Disability. We have the power to convene and change lives through, media, technology, and education not only for our people, but also our clients and wider society.

Our 2023 report is a celebration of more than 72,000 dentsu colleagues from around the world and the contributions they have made to bring diversity, equity and inclusion to life at dentsu.

Explore the 2023 DEI Report to learn how we're building diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything we do.

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We're proud of difference

At dentsu, we want to do things differently. Think differently, act differently, and deliver more innovative solutions for our clients

We are proud to be different.

Equal opportunities for everyone

We won’t define people by their race, gender, sexual-orientation, age or disability. We want everyone to bring their whole self to work.

So whether you’re joining us, or looking to move to a different part of the business, we work hard to make sure we create equal opportunities for everyone, so that we attract and grow brilliantly diverse talent.

Maximizing the shared benefits of retail media

Dentsu helps retailers and brands unlock incremental revenue by applying leading expertise from the sell and buy sides of retail media. With specialists who are cross-trained with buy and sell side competencies, advanced tools for activation and insights, and innovation-led strategic partnerships, dentsu excels at the center of the one medium where retail and brand objectives are truly aligned.

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Respecting you

We respect everyone’s’ thoughts and opinions and contribution. We are all part of an open and inclusive culture where ideas are valued, and our people are empowered to positively influence our business and the clients we work with.

Grounded in commitment and action

Dentsu is committed to long-term sustainable change in society and creating a culture of fairness, equity and equality for all.

We have a clear set of global principles that govern how we operate as a business, with accountability to drive concrete action and tangible change. They are unequivocal and will ensure that racism and discrimination in any form is not tolerated in any of our markets.

We want to build a diverse workforce, create a culture of opportunity, and we recognise that equality requires equitable decision-making. We will be data driven, measure our progress and ensure leadership accountability. We’ll invest in the right places, review our practices, and develop the plans and metrics we need to get there.

We are on a journey to building a fairer and more equal workplace. No matter what our role, we all have a collective and individual responsibility to drive change.  In so doing, we will make dentsu a truly diverse and inclusive workplace of which we can all be proud.