Intergamma is the holding behind Netherlands’ biggest home depot brands: Karwei & GAMMA. In the period prior to October 2018, the product lister pages on the Intergamma domains contained the brand and type filtering options in the faceted navigation. Selecting an appropriate filter resulted in a view with a URL parameter, making these pages non-crawlable and indexable.

Dentsu and Intergamma jointly explored the possibility of making these URLs indexable, with the aim of further growing organic traffic. Keyword analyses showed that these search intentions were not fully captured by the regular product lister pages or by product detail pages. Moreover, these analyses showed that in terms of search volume, there was enormous potential for brands and types in combination with the names of the product groups.

In short, the objectives where how to realize further organic growth in sessions and revenue per label?

What did we do?
In order to determine the business potential of the case, dentsu created a database of search queries based on a product feed. With this feed, dentsu was able to create [brand+product], or [type+product] keyword queries.

The search volumes were retrieved from dentsu’s SEO tool, to prioritize and make a selection of a few thousand combinations and a custom code was written for Screaming Frog to extract the amount of products from a product lister page, with brand and/or filter selected.

Based on business rules, these parameters URLs were translated into clean, optimized URLs if they met two criteria (1) more than three products were available, (2) search volume was higher than 50. Based on the URL list, meta data templates were generated for the two brands specifically (Karwei, GAMMA) to make them standout in the SERP with a specific tone of voice. Together with Team Discovery (development team of Intergamma), all of the data was brought together and implemented in their custom contentful CMS. This resulted in thousands of new and optimized pages.

The results showed a significant growth in organic revenue (+249% - average of GAMMA & Karwei) as well as in organic sessions (+257%- average of GAMMA & Karwei). 

Curious about what you can do to push your numbers?
Step 1: identify new opportunities at the keyword level: enrichment overviews
Step 2: enrich (new) pages with SEO optimized meta data
Step 3: enrich (new) pages with SEO optimized body content
Step 4: enrich existing (sub)category pages with relevant internal links
Step 5: ask for a (monthly) report on progress on KPIs (rankings, traffic, turnover)

This case is nominated for a Friends of Search Award in the category Search Engine Optimization (SEO).