Higher conversion rate*


Lower click-through CPA*


Lower cost per quality visit*


With the end of third-party cookies on the horizon, Centraal Beheer tasked their agency, Dentsu, to develop a new cookieless solution able to drive high-quality traffic and deliver more value – for the same or less cost as their current cookie-based campaigns.


Dentsu developed a custom bidding script that assigned value to page categories – based on their relevance to the product being advertised. This new script (known as the ‘contextual solution’) was run alongside Centraal Beheer’s regular cookie-based targeting strategy, and the results were compared in Display & Video 360 (DV360).


The trial exceeded even Centraal Beheer’s expectations. The contextual solution increased the CTR by 10% – and users who clicked on these ads also showed stronger engagement with the website. Additionally, this more engaged traffic was generated 8% more cost-efficiently than before. Post-click CPA (in this case, cost per car insurance quote calculated), also dropped by 25%, while custom impression value over cost was 23% higher.

"With the disappearance of 3rd party cookies, we welcome new ways to reach consumers. Custom bidding is certainly something we will implement in our ‘always on’ strategy, and expand to other products & services.” —Stefan Vernooij, Digital Strategist, Centraal Beheer

*Results achieved during the campaign period September 2022.

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