Faster product list impression scripts*


Fewer event categories*


Reduction of product impression events*


Intergamma is continually evolving its digital platforms, and having access to quality data analytics is vital for informing and shaping the decision-making process. A new and future-proof analytical solution was needed, with flexibility, scalability, and efficiency – along with the ability to track any new app or website features that were introduced.


Google Analytics 4 (GA4) was chosen as the way forward. Analysing the UA data resulted in a clean list of business-relevant events, which could then be mapped to the newly-structured GA4 events. Next, the team optimised the data layer for GA4, limiting the need for custom script solutions, and improving site load performance and tracking reliability.


The new GA4 dual setup led to a 14% reduction in event categories, without compromising data granularity – while delivering cleaner reports. Likewise, optimising the data layer resulted in 92% more efficient Product List Impression tracking – improving site load performance on around 30% of page views. Furthermore, Product List Impression events can now send all product data in one single event, leading to a 49% decrease in Product List Impression events.

"Through the years, we have seen the UA product evolve and help us make better decisions. We firmly believe that GA4 has the potential to take digital analytics to the next level.” —Erik van Houwelingen, Lead CRO and Web Analytics, Intergamma

*Results achieved during the campaign period January to August 2021.

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